Anti-establishment student protest goes forward after being approved by 15 faculty members 

OK News

EAST HARTFARD– A rebellious underground political protest organized by students of Oxwood Kingsford school went forward after it finally passed the third stage of faculty approval. After the proposal was cleared by an initial committee of ten teachers, it was then rigorously examined by the Dean, President, Head of the Board, and school nurse. Finally, the idea was sent to the Head of School, who enthusiastically approved the protest because “[it] would make a great photo op for our alumni newsletter.”

We interviewed the sophomore who organized the protest, who is also head of the Socially Aware Students Club. “The goal of the protest is to show our school and the world that we teens cannot be controlled,” said the student. “We have to stand up against the most important issues plaguing our nation, like right-handed privilege and the maple syrup trade war with Canada.”

“I really wanted to show our country that I’m an independent young person who will make the change I want to see,” said one protest participant, who added, “Also, I really didn’t want to go to calculus that period.”

The student participants created moving, powerful signs as part of their protest, bearing messages like “Stop All That Global Warming Please,” “Honey = Bee Murder,” and “Birds Aren’t Real.”

All in all, the protest sent a powerful statement to the group of six senior citizens who walked by and quietly shook their heads in disapproval, as well as the local politician who briefly stopped by to take a photo for her Twitter.


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