A new animal sanctuary with big plans

In the Middle

Everyone loves farm animals, especially while being able to visit and pet them.  They can be cute, kind, and sometimes even funny to onlookers.  However, many unwanted animals need a place to be safe from harm.

Dr. Diedre Galbo, a KO parent and veterinarian, has opened a farm animal sanctuary: Kindness Matters Farm Sanctuary.

The farm is home to many animals.  “We currently have five mini donkeys and three merino sheep and two Nigerian dwarf goats,” Dr. Galbo said.

Dr. Galbo loves all the animals on the farm, especially the mini donkeys.  “Donkeys as a species are very intelligent. They are very very loyal and they bond, and they have a lot of personalities, so donkeys are pretty fun,” she said.

Dr. Galbo started this sanctuary in 2019, after moving into a new, larger property in Avon. The sanctuary received its first animals in 2020, starting with mini donkeys.  “We got our first two donkeys in September of 2020 and then they had their babies,” she said. “One was born on March 25 and the other on May 1.  And then we got the three sheep in August of 2021 and we got two new donkeys in November and two goats in December of 2021.”

Eighth grader Ronan Culligan is helping on the farm because he is Dr. Galbo’s son.  He loves working on the farm with his family.  “I like going out there and just helping them get food,” he said.

Dr. Galbo is very excited for this sanctuary to be opened up to the public. She expects that once she is finished setting up the website, the sanctuary will be open to visitors by appointment.  Animal lovers can look forward to a trip to Kindness Matters Farm Sanctuary in the near future.