Junior Garret Kelly excels in the arts 


Junior Garret Kelly can likely be found on campus perfecting and participating in the various arts programs he takes part in at KO. A new sophomore last year, he has made a significant impact on the art scene at KO, as he holds several leadership roles. 

Garret took the arts department by storm when he arrived at KO in the fall of 2020. An integral part of the jazz combo and a featured soloist in the select a capella group Crimson 7, Garret’s proficiency in the arts is why he has been selected to be this month’s Musician of the Month. 

Garret has been a member of the jazz combo since he first came to KO. “Jazz combo is a select group of people who do some jazzy things,” he said. “We just kind of jam out.” Along with jazz combo, Garret has enjoyed singing as a member of Crimson 7. “It’s a lot of fun,” he said. “I’m kind of drawn to music. I find it so interesting and so soothing.” 

Music has been a huge part of Garret’s life since he was immersed in it at such a young age. Just as many talented musicians do, Garret started playing several different instruments when he was a kid. “I started with piano, and I continued with that,” Garret said. “Then in fourth grade, I started playing the trumpet. I’ve been playing ever since.”

Garret began his Crimson 7 career in 2021, starring as a talented bass singer in the tenor and bass a capella group run by history and vocal director David Baker. Garret plans to keep singing a capella next year. This year, he has been featured in Crimson 7’s rendition of “The Wellerman,” a sea shanty, singing a solo in the midst of the performance. Garret is a vital part of the group, and we are excited to see Garret perform with Crimson 7 at this year’s spring showcase, which will feature both the jazz combo and Crimson 7, along with other various performing arts groups.

Garret is a great example of how the arts can greatly impact students at KO. We love seeing him perform and utilize his capacity for the arts every day at school, and we are looking forward to seeing Garret’s performances in the years to come.