Middle Schoolers Contribute to Hockey Success. 

In the Middle

Two eighth grade hockey players have helped the KO varsity hockey team clinch its first playoff berth since 1994. Eighth graders Austin Perkins and Lindsay Stepnowski are accomplishing what many have not. They are both middle schoolers playing for the Kingswood Oxford Varsity Hockey team. In addition, Stepnowski is the only middle school girl on the team. 

Perkins and Stepnowski step on the ice for power plays, with the two contributing to 26 total goals. A point is awarded to a player when they make an assist or score a goal. Throughout the season Perkins had 15 points and Stepnowski had 11. 

These eighth graders are very experienced and it shows on the ice. Perkins has been playing hockey since he was five and has been skating since four years old. Stepnowski has been playing hockey for 10 years. Both players have a love for the sport of hockey and both want a future career that involves sports. Perkins wants to write articles for Golf Digest and travel the country playing golf courses. Stepnowski wants to play for the U.S women’s national hockey team. 

Both of the players have had good experiences on the team “My favorite moment this year has been all the team bus rides we have had at home and all the fun memories being made,” said Perkins. 

Stepnowski’s favorite moment was “beating and tying good teams I didn’t think we could beat or tie.”  

After winning in the first round, the team lost in the semi-finals to King school.  However, the team is proud of its winning season and appreciates that two talented eighth graders contributed to its success.