Artist of the Month: Mckenzie Campbell


I definitely feel like the arts are my outlet,” said junior Mckenzie Campbell. Mckenzie, who starred as Violet Newstead in this year’s production of “9 to 5: The Musical,” has been involved with the arts for almost her entire life. 

Her love of performing began during her days at summer camp when she was in the third grade. “We started performing little skits and I would write some,” she said. “That kind of generated my love for the arts, not only for performing but also for creating stuff to put on.”

After performing in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” in her freshman year, Mckenzie was so grateful to be able to perform again and to connect on a deeper level with her castmates.

“It was an amazing experience to be part of such a positive group of people,” she said. “I’m genuinely so appreciative that I got to know not only people from my grade but also people that were younger than me, that were new here, or that had been here before that I never got to talk to.”

Having experience with theater in the past, Mckenzie put on an impressive performance as Violet, and we cannot wait to see what she does in next year’s musical. 

In addition to theater, Mckenzie is also an accomplished singer and musician. At KO, she is part of the all-female a cappella choir, Oxfordians. Outside of school, she is a pianist and singer for the band LowCut Started with some friends from Canton when they were in middle school, LowCut often performs covers of popular songs at local venues. “It’s just a really great way to stay connected, not only to music but also to my hometown,” Mckenzie said.

As someone who is interested in pursuing a STEM-related career in the future, Mckenzie enjoys being able to explore a variety of passions. “I think it’s so important to have something you love to do for work, but also have something completely different that you love to do that has nothing to do with it,” she said. Contradicting the popular notion of being ‘left-brained’ or ‘right-brained,’ Mckenzie thinks it’s important to let people take part in many different interests or hobbies. She proves that it is possible to be extremely talented in many different areas of study.

“You’re going to meet so many different kinds of people, and you’re going to get so many different kinds of skills, and you’re just going to feel a lot more fulfilled with your life,” she said. We know Mckenzie will go on to do great things, and we hope that she continues to pursue her artistic passions in the future!