Boys varsity lacrosse opens a new season 


The boys varsity lacrosse team has started out the season with a 0-6 record, but the results are not reflecting the hard work the team have put in so far, and they are making steps to turn their season around.

Led by senior defender Co-captain Pat Schwab, senior attacker Co-captain Carter Smith, senior attacker Co-captain Teddy Crowther, and senior midfielder Co-captain Will Berkermeyer, the boys varsity lacrosse team has started their 14 game season against some tough competition. The Wyverns have begun the season with four tough losses against stiff competition in Canterbury, Greens Farms Academy, Rye Country Day, and Williston Northampton School. Though the season hasn’t started in the most ideal way, they are confident that they will be able to turn the reason around.

The season began on Wednesday, April 6, where the Wyverns were outmatched and fell to Canterbury at home with a score of 12-6. Shortly after their first game, they had to try and rebound quickly against Greens Farms Academy at home where they lost 12-6. However, senior midfielder Sam Krugman put on a strong performance, scoring three goals, two in the first half. Krugman worked hard, demonstrating excellent leadership against Green Farms Academy. “Sam is one of our best players, and he is our leading goalscorer so far this season,” Schwab said. The Wyverns learned a lot about themselves from this game. Despite being down at halftime, the team continued to fight until the very end. 

Schwab is confident that despite the team’s difficult start to the season, they will be able to turn the season around. He noted that one of the positives is that the team seems to have great chemistry with each other. “There’s plenty of talent and chemistry on this team,” he said, “we are just starting to put the pieces together and turn the season around.” Crowther agrees with Schwab and echoed his sentiments saying, “It’s been a tough start for the team,” he said. “We have faced some really tough competition, unfortunately, none of the games have gone our way. It’s clear we have the pieces to success, we just have to put them together. On the positive side, our team is consistently improving, and with some important and winnable games next on the schedule, it’s critical that we can stay focused and ready for the competition.” 

The team tried to build off of the successes of the previous games and went on the road to face Rye Country Day School, but fell short, losing with a score of 12-7. The most recent games saw the team taking another rough loss against Williston Northampton School with a final score of 18-8.

Head Coach Brett Garber and Assistant Coach David Hild can see the improvement the team has been making every day at practice, especially the younger players. Schwab agreed with both coaches, noting that the team has shown promising steps towards improving and becoming a stronger team. “The team has improved an extraordinary amount since our first few games,” he said.

 The team has been primarily focusing on the fundamentals such as cradling, scooping, throwing, and catching. Along with focusing on the fundamentals, the team has developed a strong plan for both offense and defense.  

More recently, on Saturday, April 23, the boys put up a tough fight against St. Luke’s only losing 12-11. The determination the boys have shown so far is evidence that there will be future successes. We wish the boys varsity lacrosse team the best of luck as they continue with the rest of their action-packed season!