Girls varsity tennis has high hopes for a successful season 


Beginning their season on a high note with victories over Pomfret, Kent, and Hamden Hall, the girls varsity tennis team is poised to accomplish much throughout their season. 

The team opened their season with a strong match against Pomfret school on April 9, beating them 6-1. They continued their momentum into their match against Hamden Hall on April 11, dominating 7-0. In their next match against Kent on April 16, the team won 7-2. 

Led by senior Co-captain Amrita Natarajan and junior Co-captain Stella Dodd, the team is focusing on playing passionately and having dedicated performances in every match. Head Coach Ronald Garcia has had the team’s primary focus on doubles, as he wishes the team to have its strength in doubles. 

Improving the girls’ endurance and momentum is another goal of Coach Garcia. In practice, the girls work on their volleys and net-game. The vibrant and unfailing energy that results from these skills is what the team needs to claim their successes. “Our current focus is to play passionately,” Natarajan said. “With tennis it often comes down to a few points that make all the difference, so staying mentally in it and keeping the momentum going is really important.”

With only one senior, the rest of the team consists of many talented and skilled underclassmen with real potential. Coach Garcia looks forward to their future performances and hopes that this season can allow his players to expand their skills. 

Due to Coach Garcia’s coaching style and practice environment, his team feel that they can develop as players. Junior Abby Baier believes that Coach Garcia’s practices are a safe space where everyone can learn. “His dedication to the team and his good-humored nature make Mr. Garcia a great coach,” she said. “He is always pushing us to do our best and makes sure that we take the time to have fun and enjoy playing tennis.”

Along with the team’s goals of individual skill development and work in doubles, Coach Garcia appreciates their more significant passion and genuine love of the sport. “Our goals are to bring energy, passion, and fun to each practice and each match,” Coach Garcia said. “Nothing great can ever be accomplished without passion. We want to compete with joy and focus. If we do that, we’ll improve and find success.”

The girls have a similar mindset. Along with improving their endurance and skills, they are working on the mental aspect of their game. Each player wants to go into their matches positively and never give up. No matter the score or result of each game, each player wants to be proud of their performance. “The team is really focusing on giving their all to every match,” Baier said. “Regardless of the outcome, we want to say that we gave our all to every match.”

As the team moves through their season, they will continue to grow together as a team to meet their individual and group goals. With future matches against Miss Porter’s, Loomis Chaffee, and other schools, the team is sure to do well and continue improving their skills for their future matches.