What Shoes People wear at KO


We have all had that one pair of shoes that we love more than anything. They may fit like a glove or add that special something to an outfit. For me, it was my old pair of Black Satin Jordan 1s, which I only got rid of because they were getting so small they hurt my feet and were caked in layers of mud. 

Everyone has an opinion on shoes, whether you dream of owning a pair of Yeezy 350s, a basic pair of Vans, or just need something to wear to school or sports. Everyone thinks about shoes one way or another. To illustrate this, I decided to reach out to members of my class to find out what their opinions are on shoes, and how much they are willing to spend on shoes that they like.

I set out to interview a variety of people with differing opinions on shoes. The first person who came to mind was fellow freshman Johnny Troian. Johnny is someone who never really bothers spending a lot of money on his shoes. I have known him for four years and he is always rocking a pair of plain black Nikes. 

Like most of those I spoke with, Johnny believes that function should come before fashion when it comes to shoes. He explained to me that the most he ever spent on shoes was around $120.

Freshman Meredith Decker likewise prioritizes affordability and simplicity in her shoe purchases. Meredith looks for any sort of shoe that can match an outfit easily and is still relatively cheap. She prefers Nike Blazers or a pair of Air Force 1s, which she happened to be wearing while we spoke. Meredith, however, admitted that her favorite pair of shoes she had owned were a pair of fluffy brown moccasins and that she was genuinely “heartbroken” when she had to get rid of them.

On the other side of the spectrum is freshman Owen Roy, who has been wearing a pair of colorful, yet simple, Yacht Club Vans for the past few months. Owen is very interested in sneaker fashion, although he admitted that his interest has dropped in the past few years. The most he has ever spent on a pair of shoes was $320 on a pair of Adidas NMD Ultra Boost Pharell William Billionaire Boys Club Collaboration Sneakers. These sneakers were a exciting collaboration that Owen bought with his own money, a purchase he is very proud of.  

Still, Owen believes that function should still come before appearance. “Fashion may get people to look at you, but in the end, you’d rather want to be comfortable than look good,” explained Owen. He shared his opinion on what he thought was too much to spend on shoes. “Probably anywhere over $1,000 is overkill; however, depending on the person, if they collect shoes then I’d say anywhere under $2000,” he said. Owen admitted that for the average person that number is around the $250 mark.

Sharing Owen’s taste for expensive shoes is freshman Will Bent. He recently bought a pair of Jordan 1s (although he forgets the exact name of them) for around $140. Will and Owen both share a love of Vans; Owen appreciates his Vans because of their affordability and their versatility, which allows him to wear them both in and outside of school. Will agreed, saying that Vans were probably his favorite brand to buy. 

In my exchanges with KO students, they all shared their favorite pair of shoes they had ever owned. Johnny was quick to say, with a chuckle, that the ones he had on were his favorite- and that I should have known that already. Meredith told me more about the moccasins she had owned and how comfortable they were, explaining to me she had bought a new pair quite recently. Owen took a moment of deliberation before answering; he described his Nike Air Force 1s Halloween Edition. He explained how the shoes had a skeleton pattern that glowed in the dark, and shared that he bought them with his own money and was very excited to get them. 

Going into my conversations, I was certain that I would get varied answers; however, I did not expect them to differ this much. While my conversations reveal that there are a variety of opinions on shoes at KO, everyone should still feel empowered to wear whatever they feel comfortable and stylish in. Meredith perfectly described how I felt going into this article and how interested I was in the taste in the shoewear of my fellow classmates.  “Shoes are often how people express themselves. If people like boots they should wear boots, or whatever they like and is most comfortable on their feet.”