Ricardo’s passion for the arts inspires


Accomplished senior singer and guitarist Ricardo Croes-Ball can often be found in Roberts Lobby, serenading students with his soothing acoustic guitar and humming voice. 

Ricardo has been an integral part of the KO music community since coming to the school his sophomore year. Ricardo is part of Crimson 7, the select tenor bass a cappella ensemble, and he also plays guitar independently. 

Ricardo studied classical guitar under an instructor starting at five years old, which was the beginning of his musical career. He picked up singing from going to church every weekend. “When I was little I passed time by singing along at church,” Ricardo said. 

He started getting involved in theater in middle school, which opened up more opportunities for him. He had always been performing at various guitar concerts, but it was his first time getting involved with performing in a more theatrical setting. 

He is also a partially self taught musician. “I had always been a classical guitarist, but when I got to middle school I stopped taking classes and started teaching myself more acoustic styles of guitar,” Ricardo said. 

When Ricardo arrived at KO his sophomore year, he joined the jazz band which he planned on continuing, but was unable to due to COVID-19 disrupting classes (particularly musically oriented ones). 

Ricardo has also been a part of both musicals performed during his time at KO. In “Thoroughly Modern Millie” he was a featured member of the male ensemble, and in this past year’s rendition of “9 to 5”, he played Franklin Hart Jr., the evil and conniving boss. Ricardo has been nominated for a Halo award for his performance, which he is very excited about.  

As a part of Crimson 7, Ricardo sings Tenor too. “When I started singing, it was initially a little high for me, but I think I have gotten better at singing because it’s easier for me to sing now,” he said. 

Ricardo enjoys C7, because it is a more casual environment, which is important to have as a musician. He also has come to appreciate the multitude of ways they learn music, both by reading it and listening to it. 

One struggle Ricardo has faced in his pursuit of music is memorization. “Memorizing both lyrics and the guitar part of a song has always been a struggle for me.” Because of his practicing and dedication to music, Ricardo said that he has been able to grow his repertoire of memorized songs. 

In April, at a small concert in Alumni Hall, Ricardo sang and played the quintessential guitar piece “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton. “Every time I perform it’s like a new breakthrough for me,” he said, “gauging other peoples’ reactions to your music, and how you play, is what improves you as an artist.”

Ricardo will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the fall and hopes to become an electrical computer engineer. However, he still thinks music will continue to play a large role in his life, whether it be for enjoyment, or joining ensembles in college. We wish him the best of luck in the future and wherever his life takes him.