Strong Defense leads Softball to Win Streak


Though the season started rocky for the varsity softball team, they found a way to rebound and end the season positively with a winning streak and an 8-8 record.

The team struggled out of the gates, winning only three out of eight games, and losing to opponents such as Choate Rosemary Hall, Taft, and St. Luke’s School. The team would often find themselves taking early leads but faltering later in the game. In a game against Cheshire Academy early in the season, the team took a 3-0 lead in the first inning; however, they could not hold the lead and were defeated 13-3. Senior catcher Captain Lexi Vail attributed the early season struggle to a lack of team chemistry. “Games that we should’ve won and could’ve won were lost because we were more focused on ourselves,” she said. After changing their mentality, the softball team went on an impressive five-game winning streak but lost the last two games against strong programs in Loomis Chaffee and Suffield Academy. Head Coach Jason Bradley briefly discussed the team’s mid-season hot streak. “We’ve played good team softball and have had timely hitting,” he said. 

Coach Bradley also mentioned one of the team’s younger players, freshman outfielder Alex Segal, who has been a key contributor to the offense, igniting rallies that have led to multiple wins this season. Coach Bradley also mentioned the great pitching the team has gotten from junior pitcher Kyra Dunnirvine. “She keeps us in just about every game,” he said. 

Coach Bradley and Vail agreed that one of the team’s major strengths is defense. This was evident in many of the games they played – from the pitching to the catching to the play in the outfield. During the recent winning streak, the defense was able to hold opponents down and keep runners off base. Three players Vail mentioned were seventh-grade outfielder Adrianna Cicchiello, sophomore outfielder Sophia Radmanovich, and senior outfielder Mackenzie Caruso, who have all been rock solid in the field. 

Coach Bradley mentioned that one of the primary reasons for the strong defense was the constant work on fundamentals in practice. “We try to work on defense every day,” he said. “We implement a lot of fundamentals, quick reactions, and footwork.” Vail added to Coach Bradley’s statements. “We do a great job in the outfield of not letting balls get past us and getting the easy outs,” she said. 

As the season progressed, the team vastly improved, winning two out of the five-game winning streak via the mercy rule. Vail gave credit to the team’s newfound chemistry helping lead them to victory. “Throughout the season, we’ve been growing really close,” she said. “Now, at this point in the season, we’re winning close games against tougher opponents because we’re cheering each other on and keeping each other up.”

The season has now concluded. The varsity softball team has finished the season with a record of 8-8, with the five-game win streak giving them a much-needed mid-season boost. Congratulations to the varsity softball team on a great season and we wish the seniors luck in their future endeavors!