Mr. Monroe begins a new chapter with his retirement

If you ask a KO student about the best part of KO, many will say “the teachers.” If you ask a teacher the same question, they are sure to respond “the students.” English teacher Ron Monroe is the epitome of a true KO teacher: fun-loving, caring, and invested in each student’s growth. As he put […]


Varsity Golf sees Great Success in their Season 

Despite their 12 losses, the varsity golf team enjoyed a fantastic season with nine competitive wins. On April 30, KO traveled up to the beautiful Berkshires to face Berkshire School, Williston, and Wilbraham Munson. Williston, unfortunately, got the edge on the KO golf team by two strokes, with a score of 422 to 424; however, […]


‘Arcane’ blows other video-game shows out of the water

If you’re into gaming, you’ve probably heard of “League of Legends” before. It’s one of the most popular games out there; everyone has opinions on it, good or bad, whether they’ve played it or not. Having such a big audience spelled out early disaster for “Arcane,” the 2021 Netflix show inspired by the game. After […]

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