Thursday, February 21, 2019


KO’s cottage collection

Most KO students know about the brown house. You know, the one on Boulevard, behind Seaverns? This house, 1438 Boulevard, is owned by KO and is vacant. That seemed to be the extent of the average student’s knowledge of the house.  What you may not know is KO does not only own that one house, […]


Hockey Night scores in 2019

On Friday, Jan. 4, two buses full of students and the Kingswood Oxford hockey team took a trip to the International Skating Center in Simsbury, CT for Kingswood Oxford’s annual Hockey Night. Hockey Night began at 7:00 p.m. and went until 10:00 p.m..This hockey game is one that the students, faculty, and players look forward […]


‘Dumplin’ inspires self-love

I’ll admit it: I like slightly cheesy and depressing teen fiction novels. That’s not a secret. With that being said, I can’t stand that in movies. I don’t even really like movies to begin with, if I’m being completely honest. I don’t have a very long attention span, and a lot of times, movies just […]

In the Middle

Drake: a review

Since I am a big fan of hip-hop music, Drake, also known as Champagne Papi, is one of my main idols. He is an obvious role model because of his successful career, his unique heritage, and because he is just a good person who shows his generosity. Drake has a unique ethnic and religious background. […]


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