Why Takeoff is the best member of Migos


I am about to prove that Takeoff is the best, most talented, and most underrated member of Migos. For too long we have been praising Quavo as the most important member of the group, and even Offset seems to get far more attention than Takeoff.

If you don’t feel like reading any further, feel free to listen to the song “Commando” by Migos and you will understand why Takeoff is simply more talented. The hook of this song, rapped by Takeoff is far far better than any overly autotuned hook that Quavo has ever produced.

Not to mention, his verse in the song is also, in my opinion better than both Quavo and Offset’s verses, and since the hook comes in a total of three times, Takeoff’s voice is the one you hear for most of the track. It might as well be “Commando” by Takeoff featuring Offset and Quavo.

It is no secret that songs by Migos are riddled with auto tune, which clearly works for them. But, if you listen closely, Takeoff is the only one that doesn’t use it, and quite frankly doesn’t need it. Recently, Migos performed on Saturday Night Live and the only one that didn’t use an auto tuned mic was guess who: Takeoff.

Also on SNL, Takeoff truly showcased his dancing skills.That sort of thing is immensely important for live performance, because it distracted from the fact that their songs just didn’t really sound as good live as they do when you are bumpin Hot 93.7 alone in the car at 11:00 p.m.

I would argue that in general Takeoff’s verses are far better than either of his bandmates. Many people will disagree with me, but if you sit down and just listen to some of their songs, you will find that his verses, often sitting towards the end of the song, are just more enjoyable.

Lyrically, his bars are just simply incredible in “Commando,” I’ve seriously never heard  Offset or Quavo go off like he did on that track. In more recent songs like “BBO,” “Narcos,” “Stir Fry,” and “Motorsport,” Takeoff’s parts truly stand out. And if you are having trouble telling the three of them apart, Takeoff is the one that as I already said, doesn’t use excessive auto tune. If you watched SNL on May 5, then you probably saw the skit, “Freindos,” in which they made fun of Migos.

If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do because it was extremely funny. However, I am slightly upset over it because they really did Takeoff dirty. They made him out to be the guy that just adlibs in the back of all the songs. I understand that the skit was for fun, but TAKEOFF IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

I truly hope that people question the accuracy of that skit because then people might finally realize that he is so much more than just the faint echoes in the background of their songs saying things like “Mama, or lambo.”

At the end of the day, Quavo just gets too much attention, Offset is relevant largely due to the fact that he is Cardi B’s baby daddy, and Takeoff is just simply underrated.

In no way am I saying that Quavo and Offset are not good at what they do. I am just saying that Takeoff does it better.