Movie club shines [With Video!]

In the Middle

Sixth-grader Guru Anand started a movie club with his fellow sixth-grader Ryan Sadowski after hearing about high school clubs. Guru decided he wanted to start a club that anyone could enjoy after school.

“We saw the high school making a lot of clubs and thought to ourselves, why can’t the Middle School have a cool club?” Guru said. “So I thought, people like watching movies, and some people like making movies, so why not make a movie club?”

Guru and Ryan had all the plans ready for the club, but they just needed a teacher to become the faculty advisor.

History Teacher Peter Burdge decided to volunteer. “I really like movies, and I like making movies,” he said.“I thought it would be fun to do that with those students who are also really excited about it. And I also like watching movies too, and that was part of it.”

When it comes to choosing which movie to watch, they select a few and have the club vote on which one they want to watch.

The most recent movie they watched was “Hotel Transylvania 3.” Not only does the movie club watch movies, but they also make movies.  

Their most recent film was a spinoff of “Home Alone.” It takes a while to make the movies. “On the movie we are currently working on, I would say it takes about a month to make each movie,” Ryan said.

Creating these movies takes some effort, and requires technical equipment. “We use green screens, cameras, Go-Pros, a drone,” Ryan said.

To persuade people to come to Movie Club, Guru and Ryan offer snacks to whoever comes. The club meets every Tuesday after school and everyone is welcome.

The club’s latest movie is available at