PoTM: Amelia Levine


The girls varsity Lacrosse player of the moment is junior goalkeeper Amelia Levine for her consistency in goal and for her amazing performance this past week against Taft.

It is Levine’s third season in goal, but she didn’t always intend to play goalie. “Allerton asked if I wanted to play goalie,” said Levine, “I agreed and started to realize that I was good at it, and wanted to keep playing.”

After the first few games of the season, Levine has showcased her skill and passions for playing goalie. She has consistently saved a multitude of various shots her opponents take on her. Head Coach Tim Allerton is very impressed with her ability. “She is a rock in goal,” Coach Allerton said, “I couldn’t be more pleased with her play so far.”

Levines star performance so far came this past week against Taft. “I actually had 19 saves. That might not seem good, but for a goalie, its impressive,” Levine said.

A total of 39 shots were taken on Levine throughout the course of the game. The 19 saves she made gave her almost a 50% save percentage. That is really impressive. It means that for every shot taken, it’s a 50-50 chance Levine will save it.

In her other games as well, Levine has been averaging just under a 50% save percentage as well. This is very hard to do. “She is someone who her teammates can rally around,” Coach Allerton said, “Her level of play has increased a lot as well.”

Levine mentioned that the only reason she can play like this is because of her team. “My team is so supportive,” Levine said, “Without them I would not have been able to keep my head up and play the way I did.” Her team rallies around her and supports her, just as she supports them.

With the rest of the season ahead, Levine has two goals: “a big goal for me is to beat the school record for the number of saves,” Levine said, “another is to have a 50% save rate every game this year.”

As evidence by her performance in recent games, Levine is well on her way to accomplish both of those goals by the end of the year.