Artist of the month: Erin Bowen


Between charcoals, pastels, and watercolors, junior Erin Bowen is a talented artist across the board, but drawing has always been her passion since a young age.

“I started drawing before I could even read or write,” Erin said. “I became involved in art classes in elementary school and worked on sketches in my free time.”

Erin is currently in the Portfolio Prep class, which allows her to spend several hours a week using different mediums to explore all kinds of art, while preparing a collection of art to show colleges. “I’ve had much more opportunities to work on art since I’ve been in the Portfolio Prep class; this commitment to the class gives me several hours a week to solely focus on art during class, free periods, and outside of school,” Erin said.

Erin loves being able to express her ideas through art and having the opportunity to work with different types of art. “My favorite part about being an artist is the ability to make art with all types of media and constantly thinking about my next art project,” she said.

Art is a way for Erin to escape the realities of everyday life and help her get in touch with her creative side. Junior Brigid Bernier said that art allows Erin to be creative and focused, and it lets her be productive and have a good time.“With every piece Erin has invested herself in, she forms a bond with the art she has created, which is why she doesn’t have a favorite piece,” she said.

Erin said she is proud of a sculpture she made last year: a tree of wire and wood which was challenging because she doesn’t usually work in 3D. While the piece caused her difficulty, the sculpture turned out beautifully and Erin is known around campus for it due to it being displayed in Roberts.

“I remember the wooden sculpture that Erin made in my sophomore year art class. I was so blown away by her idea to make a tree coming out of a book. She worked so hard on that sculpture all semester and it was a beautiful outcome,” junior Nell Schwartz said.
Erin acknowledged that art can be frustrating at times, but it’s a good way to channel her energy into something positive.
“I think the hardest part of tackling any art project is knowing where to start. I can get inspiration or ideas easily, but actually knowing how I want to render it can be difficult and somewhat discouraging at first,” she said.

Although starting the project can be difficult, Erin gets inspiration from the world around her, as well as her peers. “I look up to a lot of peers and teachers. I really trust their opinions on my artwork and progress,” she said.