2019-2020 Staff

KO News is written, designed, and coordinated every month by the students of KO. Each section of the news is lead by a Head Editor, who is assisted by Associate Editors and Writers. The current KO News staff is as follows:

Editor-in-Chief: Jaden DiMauro

Managing Editor for News, Sports, and Investigative Journalism:  Esha Kataria

Managing Editor for Features and Arts: Alyssa Pilecki

Managing Editor for Reviews and Opinions: Juliana Kulak

Managing Editor for Multi-platform Communications: Ishaa Sohail

News Editor: Cici Chagnon

Features Editor: Sophia Kaufman

Opinions Editor: Niki Taylor

Sports Editor: Kush Kataria

Arts Editor: Luv Kataria

Investigative Journalism Editor: Madeline Arcaro

Reviews Editor: Bella Leuschner

Photography Editor: Aiden Borruso

  • Associates: Benjamin Baby, Amelia Boardman, Amelia Levine, Jane Liang, Cecilia Wang 

Web Editor/Cartoonist: Alma Clark

Staff Advisor: Cathy Schieffelin


Past Staff Pages:

2017-2018 Staff