Fashionista of the Month: Mr. Mitchell


by Sophia Kaufman ’20-

Throughout his two years at KO, creative arts teacher Steve Mitchell has without a doubt shown his love and commitment to his daily outfits. Despite Mr. Mitchell’s involvement in six different choirs, ranging from sixth graders to seniors, he never lets a busy schedule get in the way of dressing well.

Mr. Mitchell’s favorite stores to shop at are J. Crew and Brooks Brothers. These shops have a common sense of style which fit Mr. Mitchell perfectly.

Mr. Mitchell said the words that describe his style are an urban guy on the go with a lowkey eye for fashion. “Out of many teachers at KO, I can always guarantee Mr. Mitchell to be dressed and ready for the day no matter [what] time or place,” sophomore Remy McCoy said. “If I was a boy, I would definitely look at Mr. Mitchell for school fashion tips.”

Mr. Mitchell’s style is not necessarily inspired from other sources, but has changed significantly over time. In his life before KO, he spent a lot of time in business attire, suits and ties, to correlate with his profession. Now that he works at a school, he is able to change his clothes up a bit and experiment with different daily looks.

“Specifically for me, I notice Mr. Mitchell’s outfits during Oxfordians later in the evening,” sophomore Molly Jones said. “All of the members in the group show up in comfy clothes such as sweatpants and sweatshirts. Mr. Mitchell is always still dressed in his nice and formal collared shirt with a tie or bowtie and khakis. This shows Mr. Mitchell’s commitment to looking nice on campus as a teacher and member of the KO community.”

As a teacher, Mr. Mitchell would not consider himself a trend setter. The reason is because he takes the best from what he sees around stores and the local malls. “If someone else likes what I wear then great, but it’s not on purpose,” Mr. Mitchell said.

Many people have certain pieces of clothing that they are often caught shopping for, or enjoy the most. For Mr. Mitchell, this clothing is both sweaters and ties, as they add a positive and significant role to many outfits.

“Due to the fact that I am not in choir, I don’t see Mr. Mitchell very often,” junior Evan Moore said, “but when I see him around campus or in the cafeteria, he is always looking very put-together.” He also said that Mr. Mitchell’s fashion sense stands out in a positive way among the other teachers.

Although Mr. Mitchell is very proper and stylish at school, he said his home and weekend look is tremendously different. “All I can say is that at home I look like a bum,” Mr. Mitchell said. Mr. Mitchell’s fashion icon is John Legend because of his preppy and stylish look combined into one.

“I personally don’t see much differences in guys’ outfits at the school, but Mr. Mitchell is always one to stand out from the crowd,” Molly said.

Overall, Mr. Mitchell is seen by many students as a prominent teacher with an incredible sense of style. With two years of strong outfits under his belt, we cannot wait to see more stylish attire from Mr. Mitchell.