Freshmen travel to Met, Museum of Natural History


On Tuesday, March 6, the freshman class traveled to New York City to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Museum Of Natural History as a joint history and science field trip.

This is a yearly event for the freshman class to tie together everything that they have learned over the year including formation of life and the climate of early Earth.

Students said they looked forward to the trip since it’s the only field trip during freshman year. This year the grade was split into two groups; after a three and a half hour bus ride, it was off to the American Museum of Natural History for one group.

For many students like freshman Cami Forslund, the American Museum of Natural History was the best part because there were so many new and interesting things. “I mostly liked the [Museum of Natural History] because even though we had to do work I got to see all new stuff,” she said.

While inside of the American Museum of Natural History students had to find certain things and take pictures using guidelines from science teachers Lisa Bailey and Tim Allerton. These photos will be used for an upcoming project.

Inside the American Museum of Natural History students viewed many different fossils, exploring evidence of various life forms, from mammoths to Tyrannosaurus Rexes.

This museum helps students connect theories together like how the earth has evolved over time. “The history museum is the perfect place to go to for my freshman science classes; it has everything that we studied and applies everything to real life,” Mrs. Bailey said.

As the day went on the students also visited the famous Met. In this museum they looked at past times like the Roman Empire and the early Greek civilizations. “I liked the Met better because we were not in such a rush and we could just look around at things and truly understand them,” freshman Mike Demio said.  

After a tour of the Met, the freshmen finished the trip with a long ride home. Freshman Tori Swanson said the trip made for a long day. “The trip was fun, but I did not like how long the bus ride home was and how we still had homework that night,” she said.

Many students had different opinions about this trip.  I think overall most of the student had fun since they did not have to go to school,” Mrs. Bailey said.

Even though the day was over, the students still had work to do with a science project and a history paper due. The science project for Ms. Bailey’s class is a slide show with all the pictures they took at the American Museum of Natural History.

To add on to this they had to answer different questions. The history teachers had students choose a specific artifact at the Met to write about for class.

Many students this year and for the last nine years have been enjoying this trip and loving to learn about the past in science and history. “I loved going on this trip and learning new things. To go and visit in person made everything so much more fun!” freshman Nathan Capodice said.