Player of the Moment: Garth Swanson


Junior Garth Swanson continues to play great golf for the varsity golf team. This is Swanson’s third year with the varsity golf team. But, this year might be his most difficult season as he is the best player on the team and has the most seniority. However, this has proven not to be a problem for Swanson.

Despite the difficult conditions on Wednesday, April 11, Swanson was able to finish with a score of 40 strokes on the nine- hole course at Tunxis Country Club. In addition to playing excellent golf, Swanson was also helping a new player, sophomore Karstian Lang, with his first ever competitive golf outing.

Swanson said that even though the dynamic of the team is very different than last year, he still has high hopes for the team. “If we trust the process we’ll get where we want to go,” said Swanson. For Swanson that means being able to shoot under 200 as a team for a nine-hole course and under 400 for a full round of golf. When asked what he wants from himself, he responded saying he wants to do the best he can but is more concerned about the team.

Additionally, his teammates and coach only have good things to say about him. “He helps lead the team by example. He is a good teammate in addition to a great player,” said junior James Amenta.

Sophomore Troy Gostyla also commented on how Swanson knows when people need space, and when not to push them but just to support them throughout the process. The remarkable thing about Swanson is that he is still a junior and has a lot more KO golf ahead of him. That is one of the many things that Head Coach Scott Dunbar is thankful for.

As a sophomore Swanson won the Kingswood Oxford Invitational which is one of the biggest golf tournaments in New England consisting of 23 teams. “I got really lucky,” said Swanson. “I played the best golf I have ever played that day.”

Overall, Swanson is a great but subtle player. He might seem like he has a laid back and calm demeanor, but he is serious when it comes to golf. He is not only the best player on the golf team, but he is also one of the best leaders. Coach Dunbar and his teammates are looking forward to seeing what Swanson can do this season and next season, when he is a senior. Swanson is ready to show everyone what he’s got.