Restaurant Review: Hartford Baking Co.


Have you ever had that craving after sports or school where all you want is a good sandwich with great bread? Well, look no further than Hartford Baking Company, located at 965 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, Conn.

With homemade breads and creative flavors, Hartford Baking Company is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. The exterior is a white, crisp brick building, which matches the interior, creating a modern vibe. When you walk in, seating may be limited downstairs, but once you go upstairs there are many tables, including a booth and two couches. With laid-back music playing in the background, you can eat your sandwich or soup in peace.

While there, we were welcomed by bright and cheerful employees. Everything is organized so nicely; all the drinks are in a fridge built into the counter and organized perfectly, same thing for the pastry case. After you order, you take a seat and are given a buzzer that lights up, notifying you that your food is ready.

We went around 11 a.m. and got a sausage, egg, and American cheese on a croissant and a ham sandwich on ciabatta bread with chipotle flavored mayonnaise, lettuce, and caramelized onions. When you bite into the croissant, it melts in your mouth, and you can taste every element of the sandwich. Once you taste the fresh ciabatta bread, you know it’s delicious when the bread makes a nice tearing sound when you bite into it.

The Hartford Baking Co. also accommodates gluten free food allergies and has vegetarian items on the menu. The restaurant has a great selection of pastries for dessert. We ordered an almond peach financier that when you bite into it, crumbles in your mouth, unleashing the flavors of both almond and peach. The restaurant also offers delicious coffee.

I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone at Kingswood Oxford looking for a simple, yet delicious meal.