Spring break in full swing


Spring break typically ensures a time for KO students and faculty to take a break from the books and, instead, bungee jump into fun activities. While this occurrence rang true for students, teachers faced unpredictable challenges that weighed down the promise of a fantastic vacation.

Some students ventured south, hoping to catch some sun. Freshman Shreeya Chalikonda traveled to San Francisco, Calif. and Arizona to hike, sightsee, and enjoy time with family. “It was nice to have nothing on my mind,” Shreeya said.

Junior Mia Seymour said she enjoyed Disney World in Florida, despite the weather being less than ideal. “Unfortunately, the parks were packed and cold,” Mia said.

Junior Alessia Caruso chose to stay local for her vacation.“I relaxed, visited colleges, and watched TV,” Alessia said. Although Alessia did not go far, she said she liked the way the break played out. “I didn’t have to worry about any work,” Alessia said.

Teachers tried to enjoy a calm break as well, despite setbacks. “I was sick the first week, so I read senior theses, coughed, sneezed, and slept,” English teacher Meg Kasprak said. Seh said that after she felt better, she visited her son in Washington, D.C., where they saw a funny movie and dined out at restaurants.

Spanish teacher Lynn Schork’s scenery was a bit different. After she tried to plan a trip several times, unfortunate weather limited Ms. Schork to the Rhode Island and Connecticut shores. During day trips to Watch Hill, R.I., Ms. Schork said she enjoyed reading, taking long walks, and eating seafood.

After returning from all different destinations, some KO community members wondered: “Is March the best time for break?”

“I think break comes at a good time because I am always burnt out in March,” Mia said. “The vacation also creates a nice split between the winter and spring sport seasons.” Although most students like where March break falls, some students have concerns. “The only problem is that there is added pressure to the third quarter because of break,” junior Claudia Petrie said.

Alessia said she agrees. “I wish we had break closer to April because then it would align more with other schools’ break,” Alessia said. “I also wish there was more diverse opportunities,”

Regardless of its exact time, it is safe to say that resting the chemistry and AP U.S. history books on the shelf and relaxing is what spring break is all about.