WYD mother nature?


It is currently April 16, and this morning I woke up to see a thick sheet of ice covering the ground. That should not be happening. It has now officially been spring for 26 days, but I don’t quite think mother nature is up to speed with the rest of us.

I obviously have my own views on global warming and our contribution to environmental issues, but I am going to try to stay out of that right now. This is about the weather and how it has been negatively been affecting my life, and I’m sure many others recently.

New England is known for having irregular weather patterns throughout the seasons. But recently it has gotten a little out of hand. Who knows, maybe mother nature realized it was 2018 and decided that conforming to what is expected by society isn’t important anymore.

Maybe mother nature saw Khloe Kardashian forgive her baby daddy for cheating on her just days before giving birth and decided “Hey, maybe I’ll do something a little crazy too. Maybe I’ll cover Connecticut in a sheet of ice in the middle of April.” I certainly hope this is not the case because I’d like to think a mother as old as nature knows better than to follow the lead of a mother as new as Khloe.

Well thanks for the two-hour delay, but it honestly would have made much more sense about three months ago on January 25 when it was actually winter and I could have used the two hours to study for the chem test I had that day that I was simply not ready for.
I’m not that surprised that the weather has been so weird because I’ve witnessed many strange weather phenomena living in Connecticut such as the 2012 October blizzard. The storm was so bad that they even had to cancel Halloween, like twice. I repeat, they canceled Halloween because there was too much snow on the ground on October 31.

That is not okay! Especially considering they canceled it at my prime age for trick or treating. I would have been 11, meaning that it wasn’t weird for me to still be dressing up and asking strangers for candy yet; I would have been fast and independent enough to obtain the highest amount of candy possible.

I can’t complain too much, however, because my family just went to Rhode Island to trick or treat because unlike Connecticut, they decided to just keep the holiday despite the snow. However, being familiar with the neighborhoods would have given me an advantage in terms of collecting the most candy.

I am still not over how drab and disgusting the weather has been recently, but I am excited because according to the weather app next week is supposed to be in the 60s. Lets just hope mother nature doesn’t pull something crazy again.