Player of the Moment: Jimmy DiVirgilio


Senior catcher, outfielder Co-captain Jimmy DiVirgilio has had a very impressive season earning him this month’s Player of the Moment for the boys.

Head Coach Steve Cannata says that he is the best all around player that the team has. Assistant Coach Ryan Radmanovich says DiVirgilio really puts the team before himself.

Junior pitcher Evan Moore and DiVirgilio have grown very close over the stretch of this season and their past years playing together. The team has two catchers, DiVirgilio and senior catcher Co-captain Mark Place, but when Moore is on the mound, DiVirgilio is usually behind the plate.

“Jimmy and I just have this connection and it usually works out pretty well, so why break it,” said Moore.

Place says that he likes having another catcher on the team. “It’s nice having another catcher as good as Jimmy because we both get to rest and not play every single game of the season behind the plate,” he said. “That also means we are well-rested and ready to play our best when we are behind the plate.”

DiVirgilio said that he loves this team and how different they are from his teams in the past. “We have a different makeup than previous years. Our whole infield is different from last year beside our third baseman, senior Jake Rowland. Everybody just steps up when it’s needed,” said DiVirgilio.

DiVirgilio is one of the team’s all around leaders. He and Place share the load of leadership for the team. When the team is in the field, you can hear DiVirgilio calling out how many people are out, and that same thing goes for Place.

DiVirgilio, at one point in the season, had a 17-game hit streak going. That’s either the longest, or one of the longest hitting streaks in KO baseball history.

DiVirgilio has definitely left a mark on KO baseball. He is committed to Susquehanna University to continue playing the sport that he loves.

“KO baseball has been so fun for me and has given me so many memories, ones that I’ll never forget. The Florida trips with my guys will definitely be something to never forget,” said DiVirgilio.

DiVirgilio has left some big shoes to fill behind the plate, but sophomore catcher and third baseman Tim Cotter will take the rains next year to follow in DiVirgilio footsteps.