Cyr submits skit to SNL


“Saturday Night Live” creates a series of comedy skits for a mature audience. For most teenagers, SNL simply means a Saturday night full of laughs, but for junior Charlotte Cyr, SNL represents something different.

Currently, Charlotte is working on a skit with a friend to submit to SNL by the end of August for a chance to win tickets. The show asks applicants to write why they want to go to SNL in order to enter a lottery for two tickets to a random live episode of the show.

Charlotte shared what her skit is really about. “The skit is a funny, yet kind of true music video about high school kids and who they are in front of adults versus their friends or popular kids,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte described her desire to travel to the SNL studios.

“I want to go because I feel like when you are there in person, the vibe and experience is surreal and so much better than just watching it on TV,” she said. “Also, it would be amazing seeing the cast members act in real life and how they get into their character.”

Charlotte said she hopes the skit stands out so she will win tickets to SNL. “I think the skit proves the struggles high school kids are going through and what they would do just to seem ‘cool’ or ‘popular,’ so hopefully they’ll like it and I’ll get tickets,” she said.

Although Charlotte said producing the video is fun, it is a long process. “There will be a lot of time spent making this video, but in the end, it will definitely be worth it,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte said the dream situation is winning tickets, but also seeing one of her favorite actresses or actors be the guest host of the show for the night. “It would also be surreal if I met any of the cast members,” Charlotte said. Charlotte said her love for SNL started at a young age, which is what led her to want to see the show in person. She said she looks forward to watching the show whenever it airs.

When she was about 12 years old, Charlotte said she started watching SNL as a family activity every morning after the episode aired because it is on so late at night. As she grew up, Charlotte and her brother began to watch SNL on Saturday nights at the live time.

Charlotte said that she still looks forward to watching SNL skits each Saturday night. “I think the content is good for our generation because there’s a lot of politics that the writers can play around with, especially for Weekend Update,” Charlotte said.

Some of her favorite cast members are Kate McKinnon, Andy Briant, Leslie Jones, and Keenan Thomson. “All of these actors and actresses can play a lot of roles, are hilarious, and get really into their character, which is why they’re my favorites,” Charlotte said. Some of her favorite celebrities that have been on the show are Will Ferrell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Margot Robbie, Steve Carrell, Gal Gadot, Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Lawrence, Melissa McCarthy, and Natalie Portman.

Although Charlotte said watching the actors and actresses on SNL helped her to be more outgoing, she is not ready to be in the spotlight quite yet. “I would not want to be on the show because I would get so nervous,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte would be very excited to just watch the show with the rest of the audience.“I want to get tickets to the show,” she said.

Some of Charlotte’s favorite skits from over the years are the Natalie Portman raps, the hunch bunch, the “Stranger Things” skits, the alien abduction skits, and the high school music theater skits. She said they always make her laugh.

The one thing Charlotte said she does not particularly like about the show is how often they skip weeks. “I understand when there are holidays,” Charlotte said. “But there should be a show every Saturday with fewer exceptions.”

Charlotte said she is half-way through the production of her skit, and in no time she will be well on her way to her dreams that await her in tha audience of New York City’s SNL studios.