Fashionista of the Month: Hannah Bash is back


For the final Fashionista of the Year, senior Hannah Bash is the perfect candidate.

Hannah has been at KO since sixth grade, showing off her creative and unique sense of style everyday at school. She usually is known to shop at Urban, Pacsun, American Eagle, and Zara. Hannah also ventures into Brandy Melville and small unique boutiques for cute, basic clothing.

“I mainly shop for cute, new skirts, basic tee-shirts, and dresses,” Hannah said. “I also am obsessed with shoes and jackets, so I tend to gravitate towards those in stores and online.”

She enjoys adding accessories to her outfits to add glitz and glam as well. Items such as watches, anklets, earrings, necklaces, and rings are often incorporated in her looks. “I feel like they always add a nice touch,” she said.

Hannah is mainly seen wearing colors in a darker range such as black, blue, and grey.“I have been trying to expand my colors into brighter shades,” she said. “I’ve started buying a lot of yellow and red clothing to brighten up my wardrobe and match the season.”

“I often find myself looking at Hannah for fashion tips because I know she will always be on her game with a presentable outfit for the day.” sophomore Angelina Maselli said.

Hannah is not only a fashion role model during the day, but also leads with a great sense of style in her athletic commitments. She is seen on the soccer fields during the fall and lacrosee turf during the spring with impeccable athletic wear.

Moving on to college, Hannah looks forward to continuing to maintain her fashionable outfits. Although it may be tougher because it is not required, she said she will try her best to look presentable everyday. She stated that she is excited to buy new clothes from different stores and boutiques around her college town.

We wish Hannah good luck at Washington University next year and are excited to see her new and improved fashion statements throughout the year.