Kylie Cosmetics Review


You may think the Kardashian/Jenner clan has no talent, but think again. Kylie Jenner, the baby of the family, is the owner of the acclaimed multi-million dollar company Kylie Cosmetics so she must be doing something right.

Now maybe it’s her family’s fame that has helped Jenner grow her business into an empire; or maybe, hear me out now… it’s because her makeup line is amazing! Sometime between the years 2012 and 2014 the youngest Jenner decided to embark on a plastic surgery journey that would capture the minds of the up and coming generation of Kardashian fans. Kylie went from having thin, normal sized lips to donning massive overly lined lips that looked so odd it looked good.

Since then, young people, fans of the mega star, began desiring the look of Kylie’s lips and went from overlining their lips with lipstick to going so far as getting lip injection fillers.

After noticing the media frenzy that was surrounding her lips and how big they became, Kylie, an avid makeup lover, capitalized on herself and created her own personal line of matte lipsticks so that her followers could easily attain “her look.”

Her brand, Kylie Cosmetics, named after herself, of course, has grown into a an uber successful makeup empire that has sold over $420 million in sales since the launch of the line. Ever since the then teenager launched her now signature Lip Kits in 2015, when the three shades, “Candy K, Dolce K and True Brown K” sold out within seconds, I knew I needed to try out the phenomenon for myself.

From the first swipe of Candy K to my lips, I was stunned by how lightweight and creamy the lipstick was. The lipstick had a high intensity pigment that honestly didn’t wear off for an entire afternoon and evening.

My lips stayed perfectly rose colored for hours without smudging. What made the success of the lip kit all the more special is the fact that it was only 20 dollars, a deal in the makeup industry with some brand names such as Bobbi Brown, Dior and Mac pricing lipsticks at over 30 dollars.

Buying Kylie’s cosmetics will not break the bank, making it accessible to her fans who don’t have means to buy other top name brand products and it feels good to buy them also because they are not only free of animal testing but vegan as well.

All of her lip kits were more than satisfactory but when Jenner dropped her first eyeshadow palette and highlighter collection I figured that would be the ultimate test to see if her makeup line was the real deal or not.

When I tried the Bronze Palette, I knew it would be my go-to eyeshadow; every color was perfectly pigmented and was easily applied with any eyeshadow brush. The same goes for my favorite makeup product, the sparkly “Banana Split” highlighter that I use almost every morning to achieve a light shimmer on my cheeks. From the moment I tried those products, I was hooked and have been a Kylie Cosmetics fan every since.

Now Kylie Cosmetics has grown into a full-fledged makeup line ranging from her popular Lip Kits to concealers, highlighters, eyeshadows, blushes, appliance tools and more.

I am currently a proud owner of multiple eyeshadow palettes; the Bronze Palette that I use on the daily as well as the Holiday Palette that I received as a gift in 2017 that is filled with sparkly silvers, greys and maroons. I also own a beautiful highlighter known as a “Kylighter” and six (yes six!) kits, some matte and some glossy.

If you’re a makeup fan and love dabbling in new trends and styles, I implore you to try out a new shade of lip gloss or eye shadow from this line; it will not disappoint.
Putting aside many peoples like or dislike for Kylie Jenner and her famous sisters, one thing is provable: Kylie has created a bold and beautiful makeup line that has grossed millions of dollars and continues to make her fans happy.

The makeup entrepreneur not only satisfies her customers and fans with high quality products, but she often launches “limited special edition” products to raise money for an important cause.

Jenner created a special edition lip kit which grossed $159,500. She donated 100% of the proceeds to Smile Train, an organization that works to help children and families with cleft lips afford surgeries and medical aid.

Kylie relaunched the shade in January and raised an additional $300,000 for Smile Train. Because of the generous donation from Kylie Cosmetics the organization will fund 1,800 surgeries for children born with cleft palates.

Jenner has also raised over $500,000 via her “Birthday Collection” which included lipsticks, eyeshadows and more to donate to Teen Cancer America. Now don’t try and tell me that the mastermind behind this brand has absolutely no talent.

Look out L’Oréal, Mac, and Bobbi Brown because Kylie Cosmetics is taking the makeup industry by storm. (And if you’re a fan of hers, yes good catch that was indeed a pun on Kylie’s new baby’s name: Stormi)