Good luck, Gallagher with writing career


Saying goodbyes to teachers in our community is always tough, but Chinese teacher Ms. Gallagher has certainly contributed amazing qualities to KO over her time.

Mrs. Gallagher has been at KO for five strong years, and has loved everyone single one of them. “I would say one of the key points that I have enjoyed at KO is the community,” Gallagher said. “Everyone is always so warm, making KO feel like one big family. As well, I love getting to know my students year after year because it makes the classroom environment so happy and comfortable.” She continued to state that her experience at KO has been incredible because she gets to meet so many new people.

Mrs. Gallagher is known to run the Chinese international program, which has a big impact on the KO community, and is rewarding to all.

Out of all of KO’s offerings, Mrs. Gallagher said that she will miss all the students and teachers and will be sure to return to the campus to visit. While she is not going to teach anymore, she said she loved her time connecting with her students.

“Mrs. Gallagher is such an amazing teacher with so much knowledge about the Chinese language and culture,” junior Nell Schwartz said. “I love going to her class because she is always so helpful and kind to everyone. I can honestly say that she has been my best Chinese teacher.”

Junior Chinese student Ben Small had similar praises to Nell, “Mrs. G is very nice and approachable and she always explains things in a variety of ways so we, her students understand them” he said. “She seems to really be interested in the subject she teaches and will be dearly missed” Ben added.

On her journey outside of KO, she plans on publishing her writing and continuing her journey in creative writing. Mrs. Gallagher writes a series of fantasy novels on top of some occasional horror pieces.

Mrs. Gallagher said that she began writing early on in her life. “As soon as I started reading books, I wanted to write books,” she said. It makes sense that she is looking to pursue her passion now.

She will take her warm and welcoming personality into the world, and she said she will continue to recommend KO to friends and family to grow the community to become bigger and better.

Mrs. Gallagher continues to show her creative side both in the classroom, around campus, and in her writing. We will all miss Mrs. Gallagher very much and hope for the best with her writing future.

Sophomore Aidan O’Loughlin is in one of Ms. Gallagher’s classes and said he is sad to see her go. “I’ve really enjoyed having Mrs. G as a teacher because she’s taught me so much. I’m going to miss her a lot,” he said.