Actor, singer Katherine Brough dazzles as performer of the month


Junior Kate Brough had her breakout role this year at KO in “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” as Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre, an anxious, politically correct pre-teen, showing the rest of the school her capabilities as a performer.

What people don’t know is that Kate is a dancer, singer, and actor beyond the Roberts Stage. She has been dancing since she was two years old, participating in ballet, hip hop, modern, and partner at Nutmeg’s Dance and Theater.

Kate even starred in a performance of “Les Miserables” in New York City earlier this year and has recently been cast as the lead role of Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde: The Musical” at the Wethersfield Teen Theater this summer.

Partner dance is one of Kate’s favorite types of dancing. “It’s so much fun,” she said. “I brought [Sharif Mutasim] and he’s actually a great partner! He doesn’t step on my feet much, which is always a plus.” In addition to dancing and acting, Kate is also a singer in the Concert Choir, Voce, and Oxfordians.

Kate had to deal with conflicts between school and outside performances. Earlier this year, she would take the train to New York City every Sunday for “Les Miserable” rehearsals, which could sometimes be a struggle when having to balance school, midterms and the fall play.

Kate ran into further conflicts recently this spring. “I had to go to both the choir concert and my dance performance, so I spoke with both parties and worked to find a solution. I decided to go to the opening performance at dance and then rush to KO to get to the performance,” she said.

Kate also performed in Kingswood Oxford’s fall play, “Almost Maine.” She played a woman named Gail who was frustrated that her 11 year old boyfriend wouldn’t marry her. Kate loved playing the role, and really felt that she was similar to her character. “I think Gail is very much drawn to control in relationships,” Kate said. “I think she likes to have a plan, and I’m very much the same way; both of us are similar in that way. I struggle with improv. I’m not crazy about being put on the spot.”

While Kate loves doing musicals and plays everywhere, the theater at KO holds a special place in her heart. She was new sophomore year, and found most of her friends in “Pippin,” the show KO performed in 2017.

Even though she just started fairly recently, Kate is considering a career in acting or singing. Her advice to people who are interested in acting is to keep motivated. “Even if you aren’t getting roles, it’s always good just to keep trying. Keep going to auditions. If you have a passion for it, it will eventually pay off,” she said.