Review: Netflix’s The Kissing Booth


“The Kissing Booth” is Netflix’s newest sappy romantic comedy of 2018, otherwise known as Netflix’s newest “Chick Flick.” If you are up for a new movie to watch as you sit on the couch and eat ice cream and dream of unrealistic romantic ideas and outcomes then may I suggest “The Kissing Booth.”

Set in Los Angeles,two best friends since birth, Elle and Lee, have a set of rules in order to stay best friends forever. (Best friends forever? Cliché? A little bit, but cute).

An example of this includes simple ones like “Rule #2: never share secrets with anyone else” and more serious ones such as “Rule #9: relatives of best friends are totally off limits” and more importantly to never break rule #9. That means Lee’s older brother Noah who Elle has had a stereotypical crush on for years. In this movie, Lee and Elle love to dance (almost as common as singing is in a “Chick Flick”) and are members of the dance club and need to come up with an idea for a school fundraiser this fall. The two come up with the idea of a kissing booth and convince people to sign up and take part after they promise that Noah will be working a shift.

Like any typical high school movie, you are going to have a group of mean girls. They sign up and decide to mess with Elle when they find out Noah isn’t working the booth.

They convince Elle (who has never kissed anyone) to take one of their shifts when a guy who is not quite Noah is next in line and try to embarrass her in front of everyone.

But by coincidence the kid lets Noah cut him in line, Elle confesses that she has never kissed anyone and she and Noah share a passionate kiss on the stage of the kissing booth (hence the title). Elle freaks out and rushes off to go find Lee and tell him what happens. Elle ends up getting a ride home from Noah on his motorcycle (he is after all a “bad boy”) but rain starts making the two of them have to go into a gazebo in a park filled with flowers where Noah tells her how he really feels. The moment is shortly ruined when Elle realizes he is a “player” and takes many girls there and leaves him in the gazebo. Elle forgives Noah (I mean he is the boy of her dreams) and they carry on a secret relationship.

Elle must decide whether her friendship with Lee is more important than her first love.
“The Kissing Booth” is a British film directed by Vince Marcello. Elle is played by Joey King who is mainly known for her roles as Ramona in “Ramona and Beezus” and Greta Grimly in the TV show “Fargo.”

“The Kissing Booth” is currently available to stream on Netflix. If you are looking for a glamourous Saturday night movie where you wear your best pair of sweatpants and cuddle up next to the two most important men, Ben & Jerry, I suggest you watch “The Kissing Booth.”