Field Hockey builds young team


Girls varsity field hockey looks to keep their wins coming after a strong 5-3 victory over Canterbury School on Saturday, Sept. 15. The team had a rough start, losing their first three games on the road, although they were nail-biters that could have gone either way..

This year, the team has only one senior and one junior, so the majority of the team is very young. Senior midfielder Captain Mia Seymour said being the only senior on the team is kind of bittersweet. “It’s sad that I have no one else in my class to share the sport with, but on the flip side it has given me the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility with the team,” Seymour said. However, Seymour said she wouldn’t change being the only senior. “It has pushed me to form close relationships with the underclassmen and allowed me to develop into a position of leadership for the team,” Seymour said.

Sophomore midfielder Victoria Swanson said having only two upperclassman is definitely a struggle sometimes. “Our captain, Mia Seymour, who is our only senior is so amazing, and we can’t thank her enough for all she does,” she said. “Overall, having two upperclassmen doesn’t change our team because everyone has a big role to play and it does not fall on one person.” Seymour said with four games under their belt the team is starting to play cohesively and for each other rather than as individuals. They all hope to continue to build on that vibe and have it carry on through the rest of the season.

Seymour said she is incredibly excited for this season because she feels like she has a lot to give to her team. “Last year was my first year as captain, and I learned how to best communicate, advocate, and play for my teammates, so I’m ready to carry that over to this season,” Seymour said.

Junior forward Alex D’Addabbo said she is looking forward to the team bonding that the team will happen this year. Swanson said she is looking forward to all the games and just playing one of her favorite sports with a group of girls who feel like sisters. “Field Hockey is one big family, and I can’t wait for the rest of the season with them,” Swanson said.

Seymour said she thinks the goal as a team is to have a winning season and play in the Class B Tournament at the end of Nov. “More importantly, though,, I think we all hope to improve as a group in our speed, skill, and resiliency,” Seymour said. D’Addabbo said the team all shares that common goal of just wanting to win games. Swanson said everyday in practice they are reminded that they are a varsity program and that they need to show other teams that. “We also always talk about supporting each other and learning from our mistakes,” Swanson said.

Seymour said that she as well as the coaches were very impressed with the skill levels of the younger athletes. The team added over 10 new freshmen to the team this year, and although it has taken some practice to get used to playing with each other, they have all meshed well and benefitted immensely from their play. “I also couldn’t be more proud of each of our returning sophomores, over 10 as well, who all came back with greatly improved skills and a desire to contribute to the team,” Seymour said.