Mr. Biondi Swings into KO


Kingswood Oxford is excited to welcome a new, young, spirited teacher to the community. This teacher is Mr. Biondi who went to Yale University and graduated in 2016.

After his college years, he went off to South Korea, where he worked in an elementary school, volunteering as a teacher.

Following his time in South Korea, he came back home and spent time with his brothers over the summer. Mr. Biondi said he enjoys skiing and playing squash.

Mr. Biondi will be the coach for the girls squash team, as well as the assistant coach for softball in the spring.

“I hope to bring a new fresh face into the English department as they are changing the curriculum, so I can bring new and interesting ideas from the outside world,” Mr. Biondi said. He said he plans on spending time at KO to show his love for English and comparative literature.

Mr. Biondi will also contribute to the KO News, as he will co-teach the journalism classes for beginners with English Department Chair and teacher Catherine Schieffelin.

He will also teach an English 4 class with English teacher Ron Monroe.

Mr. Biondi attended an independent school and noticed the encouragement and involvement that his teachers had. He said he hopes to foster the same sense of community in his daily life and work at KO – in the classroom and on the courts.  

He said he hopes to share his love for reading and the many different perspectives of English with students at KO.

As a community, we welcome Mr. Biondi and are pleased to see his wonderful impact on KO.