Mr. Gurganus Brings Strokes of Genius to KO


New Chinese teacher Jeff Gurganus is full of character and ready to teach Middle Schoolers some characters at KO.

Mr. Gurganus graduated from Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, receiving his B.A. in Chinese.

Mr. Gurganus is teaching an Upper Prep tech class and Chinese A, B, and C in the Middle School. He said that teaching Middle Schoolers at KO is a new journey for him, as he previously taught at Northwest Catholic High School, in West Hartford for the last six years. “I’m very excited about working in a community that focuses on ownership and self-advocacy,” Mr. Gurganus said. “Before I started this year, I knew those were two things that were highly emphasized at KO, but now that I’m here I can see it actually happening. I’m very impressed, especially when I have Middle Schoolers already coming up to me and taking initiative of their learning.”

Mr. Gurganus will also take on a new role as a coach for the Middle School boys basketball team and boys track and field team.

He said it is perfect, since his favorite sports are cross country and track and field, and because he enjoys watching basketball.

One of Mr. Gurganus’s hobbies is hiking, although not too intensely.

He said he just loves being outdoors and spends a lot of time going for walks. However, Mr. Gurganus said that he is not just a fan of sports; he also dabbles in the visual arts, especially painting and drawing.

Mr. Gurganus has an identical twin brother named Rick.

He said that they lived through about five or six major hurricanes and that a favorite pastime of theirs was actually tracking them together.

Mr. Gurganus, KO is lucky to have you join our community, and we wish you the best of luck this year!