Mr. Zucker Jams Out at KO 2.0


New Middle School electronic music teacher David Zucker comes back to KO with a bang, as he is ready to rock out with students.

Once a student here himself, Mr. Zucker worked with Dr. Pierce to compose and perform a piece together.

Since then, Mr. Zucker’s love for piano and guitar has only grown as he majored in performance and composition at Skidmore College. During his college years, he was on and off touring around the East Coast with the band Phish.

Mr. Zucker then lived in Madras, India and studied Carnatic, South Indian classical music. Back in the states, he stayed in Seattle and San Francisco, playing in rock bands and working with string quartets as a composer.

On “Real Housewives of Miami” or “Amish Mafia,” one can hear Mr. Zucker’s electronic music. Broadly speaking, his compositions are on the NFL, Discovery Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Food Network.

Currently, Mr. Zucker is playing in local bands, with artists such as Carrie Johnson.

In the classroom, he said he loves collaboration and working with kids. “I like bringing out music in people and helping them find their creativity,” Mr. Zucker said.

He said he would love to start a rock band club here, as he teaches electronic music and rock band at Camp KO. He also said he would like to work more with the jazz band, create a recording studio, and teach an audio production class.

“I’m just trying to inspire kids here in as many artistic ways as possible,” Mr. Zucker said.

In the mornings, he cycles while watching the sunrise. “I get ideas from music when I bike,” Mr. Zucker said. “It’s inspiring, pushes me athletically, and meditative.”He also loves to camp with his wife, Anissa, and daughter, Melody.

While Mr. Zucker might have never imagined suburban life for himself, he is here and here to be a strong soundboard for students.