Reaching for the Star(ne)s


The Kingswood Oxford community welcomes a new, energetic, positive and encouraging math teacher to our campus. This teacher’s name is Sara Starnes, who is also an advisor and assistant coach for junior varsity soccer.

Ms. Starnes earned her graduate degree at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania and went straight into teaching from there. Her teaching experience began in Tennessee, where she taught in middle schools, high schools, and even colleges.

Ms. Starnes said she enjoys teaching because of the connections she makes with her students; in addition, she said she loves to teach math because it challenges students but then it clicks for them. “As I was looking at schools, I read about KO and  specifically the mission [statement],” she said. “I really just got this feeling that this is where I want to be. Having smaller classes and getting more  freedom to do hands-on things with my students is really what interested me.”

Ms. Starnes said she hopes to bring positivity to learning math at KO and to make the math classroom a more interactive environment. We are excited to welcome Ms. Starnes to our community and wish her good luck this year!