Solomon Saved by KO Alum


On the morning of August 24, school librarian Nancy Solomon tripped and broke her arm while walking down Bishop Road. KO alum David Malone ’97, came to the rescue, by calling the school nurse and driving her to Hartford Hospital.

Mrs. Solomon said that she was in a rush to get to a faculty meeting about the upcoming school year and that she wasn’t paying attention to the environment. She said that she tripped and dislocated her arm as it was bent in the wrong direction. “I was hurt, and I couldn’t get up,” Mrs. Solomon said, “but after five minutes, a man with a big fluffy dog came walking down the block.” She said that the dog leaned against her in an effort to make her comfortable.

Mr. Malone said that he was walking his dog down Bishop Road toward Mrs. Solomon when he saw her fall. “I saw Nancy get out of her car, supposedly walking to school, and landed on her arm,” Mr. Malone said. “It was a hard fall. I was 100 feet from her, and so I rushed over and tried to help”. He also said that he himself has tripped there – right between where the road meets the driveway – too.

Mrs. Solomon said that Mr. Malone offered to call 911, but she politely refused as she did not want to cause any commotion. She said that she asked for him to call the Front Desk Coordinator Kimberley Miles instead. “He also offered to go get some water and Ibuprofen for me,” Mrs. Solomon said, “but I declined because I knew I had to go to the hospital and that I didn’t want him to leave me at a situation like that.”

While he waited with Mrs. Solomon for someone from the school to come, they chatted about the school and his experiences there. He said that he was quite nostalgic. “I bet she is a great librarian, and I think people are blessed to have her in their life,” Mr. Malone said. Mrs. Solomon said that Head Trainer Steven Cannata and Assistant Athletic Trainer Julie Richardson came later with a golf cart. They wrapped up her arm, and Mr. Malone drove her to Hartford Hospital in his car.

Mrs. Solomon said that she was extremely grateful for Mr. Malone’s help. “He was really nice and just a great guy,” she said. “It was such a coincidence that he graduated from KO 20 years ago”.  

He also complimented Mrs. Solomon on her character. “I am impressed with the way she handled it,” Mr. Malone said. “It was remarkable: Nancy didn’t cry, and she wasn’t even holding back tears.”

“The students were very nice and offered to carry things and open doors for me,” she said. “They were nice before, but they have become even nicer and more careful since I have broken my arm.”