Wasted student spaces


KO students are known to be very involved in the community, leading very busy lives. However, usually once a day, students have the opportunity to just take a moment and relax. Students often pour into the library during these periods to study and to socialize, forgetting about other designated student areas.

The library is often full of students using the space for a variety of reasons including studying, looking for books, mingling and simply talking to our beloved librarian Nancy Solomon. The KO News believes that it is important to remember that the library is meant to be a productive space where students are able to work individually or collectively on their homework or projects, and when large noisy groups populate this area, they disrupt students who are working. While the library is a great spot on campus, the KO News would like to remind the community about all of the other student areas for working and hanging around campus.

The Roberts Leadership Center more commonly known as the Math and Writing Center is an area completely designated to quiet studying and tutoring that is perfect for students looking for an area to work in without distractions.

The KO News recognizes that sometimes students just want an area in which to gather without having to worry about disturbing people who are working. The cafeteria in the morning before lunch and in the afternoon after lunch is a great place for students who don’t want to worry about using their indoor voices when talking with their peers.

We think that Roberts lobby is more of a multipurpose area that can be used for students to work and socialize or at least attempt to do both at the same time.

Other multi-use areas are the conference rooms on the bottom floor of CT. These rooms are near  classes and offices, so if students choose to use these rooms to hang out in, they just have to be mindful of what is going on around them. As you choose where to go for your next free period, we urge you to think about all of these areas and choose which space best fits your needs.