Wyverns start season strong while competing in new league


The football team hit the ground running this season, with two strong preseason performances and an emphatic 40-6 win over Cushing, the first win in a season opener in years.

In preseason, the team faced up against Windsor Locks High School and held them to zero points with a very strong offensive game.

The team then went up against Canterbury School and also had a strong offensive game and held them scoreless.

Senior wide receiver Kyren Petteway said that the team’s defense is very strong and could be a force to reckon with this season.

This year, the team has shifted over to a new league, the Evergreen League, and is looking to make a big splash in it as well.

The previous league they were in, the Fairchester League, had been falling apart, and only a select few teams were able to play in it this year.

Head Coach Jason Martinez said all he hopes for is to be competitive every game this year. “We want to just be competitive,” he said. “We obviously hope to win every game but we just have to be competitive each game. We know there are some good teams in this league. We are happy to be a part of this league.”

Assistant Coach William Gilyard said he agreed with what Coach Martinez said.

Coach Gilyard said when the team was invited to the league, they were very happy

As for what to expect from our Wyverns this year, there really is no clear answer.

The team looks strong this year, based on the results of their two scrimmages and victory over Cushing, but coaches say it’s tough to know the caliber of the teams they are going to face, considering it is their first year in the league.

Coach Gilyard said there are two or three games that are going to be tough.

Junior running back Winston Ware said the team is looking forward to their season. “We’re all anxious. We have been waiting on this for a while and we’re ready to showcase our talent this year,” Ware said.

Coach Gilyard said this year the team has more veterans in key positions.

“We have a good group of young players and the team just gets along well with each other this year,” Coach Gilyard said.

Coach Gilyard also said that it’s great to see the younger players step up and want to be leaders because then it makes the even younger athletes on the team want to lead as well.

Coach Martinez said the team looks to make the school proud.

As a team, their mantra is to be your best self on and off the field. The team also believes in being together, connecting like a family, and coming to work everyday.

“[They] come prepared to work,” Coach Gilyard said.

Senior defensive end Josh Leshem said the team is looking good this year because they have a lot of experienced starters. “It’s really the first time this has happened since we won the championship a couple years back,” Leshem said.

Coach Martinez said the team is looking better due to the work they have put in during the offseason.

“You can tell the seriousness they have for the season by the work they put in during the offseason,” Coach Martinez said.

Coach Gilyard agreed with Coach Martinez, saying a lot of the players are in better shape and look ready for the season.