Boys Soccer Hopes to Continue Winning in Hopes for Playoffs


Boys Soccer is 5-3-1 and looks to keep the great season going.

Junior captain midfielder Jackson Wolff said the team’s main goal is to make the playoffs this year, and he thinks they have a real shot of doing so.

Wolff said the team just needs to win games they are supposed to and stick together.

Wolff said Coach Hikmet Aslan is a great coach and now that they added Assistant Coach Carmelo Lombardo they couldn’t ask for a better coaching staff to lead them in the right direction.

Junior striker Nicholas Hamzavi says Hikmet has changed the team for the better. “He has implemented a hard work ethic throughout the team due to his tough and strict practices,” Hamzavi said.

“Hikmet encourages us to become better everyday and inspires us to be the best soccer players we can be,” he said.

Junior midfielder John Doar said the team’s biggest challenge for us has definitely been coming back from a deficit. “We are good once we get in front but we need to start out strong” Doar said.

“Our toughest opponent so far was Kent, but we have two tough matches coming up against AOF and Choate,”Hamzavi said.

Doar said he is most looking forward to hopefully winning most of the games left towards the end of the season and then potentially making playoffs as well.

“I am most looking forward to playing in the next tough games because it challenges me to show my skills and show what I can do against a tough opponent” Hamzavi said. He is also looking forward to the possibility of qualifying for the tournament at the end of the season.

Doar said the team needs to work on making the simple plays and controlling the ball for the entire game, not just in certain points in time.  

“We have to not let up and keep putting it on them” Doar said.

Wolff said his favorite memory of the season so far was almost beating Suffield. “They were a really tough team and we competed until the end of the game, but they played just a little a bit better towards the end of the game and we ended up losing a tough one,” Wolff said. “But we all kept our heads high because we didn’t make it easy.”

Junior defender Nick Traver said the team has been working to be better at all times. “We just can’t give up. We have to be always on the ball and always giving our best effort” Traver said.

The team has five games left and they aren’t going to be easy. “We are going up against some pretty tough teams to end the season. There are some games we can win, but some of them won’t be easy” Doar said.

The Wyverns hope to push through and prevail in those tough matches as much as possible in order to either secure a good spot in the playoff picture, or continue to fight for a lower seed.