Camp Jewell is a gem: a sixth grade perspective


Camp Jewell was a wonderful experience for the Upper Prep students to get to know one another and form friendships for the upcoming school year.

From bus ride conversations to singing songs around the campfire, bonding was happening everywhere. Activities during the day were opportunities to get to know one another. We played games to learn how to work with each other. Activities like helium hoop and the human knot got us closer (both mentally and physically).

Now, you might think, lucky, the Upper Prep students got three days of no homework and no school. Well, that’s not necessarily true.

While we were at Camp Jewell, not only did we have a fantastic time with the activities; we also learned some information about nature.

When we went on our hikes, our counselor talked about the trees, plants, and animals. Personally, my favorite hike was the night hike. Well, it wasn’t really a hike. Since it was pouring rain, our unconventional “hike” was inside a cabin.

Our counselor showed us some cool tricks that related back to our five senses and told us some stories.

At Camp Jewell, there was a farm. The farm had chickens, goats, a giant pig named Stanley, and even llamas! One day, we went on the rock wall and it was so much fun! On the second day, our senior advisors joined us at camp. It was awesome!  

One of my favorite parts of camp, was when my senior advisor, myself, and one of my fellow advisees went boating.

I had so much fun. We were laughing and just having a good time.

One activity that we did at camp, that totally surprised me, was candle making. I have never made a candle, so sadly I burnt my hand once or twice, but overall it was a really fun experience.

Every night after dinner, we played a game. One night, we played a game called “Predator and Prey.”  We we were all split up into teams of animals. I was a butterfly. Since we were prey, we got to lurk in the woods.

In the game, you had to collect certain items to survive. To collect the items, you and your team had to complete some challenges. One of the challenges, was that you had to tell someone in the group, that you didn’t really know, your favorite color. The group that completed the challenges first, won.

The meals at camp felt very much like the family dinners that I have at home. We were assigned tables and we had to get food for the group.

When talking to my friends around the table, I felt like they were my family and that was one of the highlights of the trip.

At night, when everyone else was going to sleep, my cabin and I were talking and giggling, and it was just the best feeling ever to be with new friends.  

Although it was only three days, those three days brought us all closer and made our community stronger.

Another highlight, was the final night campfire. The Camp Jewell staff sang songs and performed skits at the campfire. Now, when I pass people in the halls, I start dancing and singing with them all the songs we sang at Camp Jewell.  

In one of the skits, our counselor was a fortune teller. She told fortunes by sniffing peoples shoes. They asked for a volunteer and I raised my hand.

When she picked me, I was a little embarrassed going up in front of the entire grade and having someone sniff my shoe, and predict that I came to camp on a bus.

I will always cherish this trip and all the fun times my classmates and I had. This trip will most certainly be a highlight of my KO experience.

I’m so glad I went to Camp Jewell because I became close with my classmates and have made great friendships that will last during my time at KO.