Fashionista of the Month


From the start of his middle school days until now, junior Niko Rodriguez has certainly shown off his impeccable style every day.

For his main clothing items, he shops at Banana Republic, J-Crew, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Supreme. With all of these options, he has the opportunity to mix and match his outfits every day.

For his shoe selection, Niko shops at several stores with many different brands in each. At Footlocker, he buys Nike, Vans, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Frye, Jordan, Cole Haan, Magnani, and Timberland. Shoes are a good way to show off one’s style, and Niko certainly knows how to do so.

He doesn’t have a favorite clothing brand but states that he mostly wears Banana Republic because he can wear the brand almost wherever and whenever, while continuing to be comfortable.

He continually includes important accessories in his outfits to add a glam factor, including his unique socks and various Louis Vuitton items that he owns.

Niko describes his sense of style as unique, simple, and “him.” He stated that it represents himself and that nobody else has the same style.

Niko said he does not have an inspiration for his daily outfits. “If I like how something looks on the mannequin, I know it will look better on me,” he said.

Additionally, he stated that although he doesn’t love Robin Thicke, if he had to choose a famous person’s style, he would look up to him. It is certainly unique and has a positive impact on others.

Outside of school, Niko wears different types of clothes. This does not necessarily mean that his style changes, but due to the KO dress code certain pieces of clothing aren’t allowed. For example, jeans, hoodies, and t-shirts that aren’t allowed are staples of his wardrobe on the weekend. In addition, he depends mainly on the seasons to figure out his color scheme.

“My favorite pieces of clothing are probably my belts, and it’s not so that I can show off and flex what it is that I have. It kind of holds sentimental value for me, reminding me of what hard work can get me,” Niko said.

For people who have troubles picking out their outfits, he suggests to just be yourself. “Don’t try to be anyone else because the reality of it is that you’re not,” Niko said. “So be yourself, set your own trends, and get the credit you deserve for your taste of fashion.”

Lastly, Niko elaborated further on why being original is important. “Most people don’t look good in my style so that’s why it is unique,” he said. “It’s hard looking this good, so if you try to dress like me and it doesn’t look right, something’s clearly not working. If you can’t handle the heat, then stay outta the kitchen.”

Overall, Niko represents his individual and creative style that he is proud of, and he said he hopes to inspire others with it. We look forward to seeing many more outfits from him over time.