Football Team Suffers First Loss, Looks to Get back on Winning Trend They’ve Had all Season


On Saturday, Sept. 29 the varsity football team played host to Kents Hill School where they were able to win 30-20. The Wyverns came out fast in this matchup, gaining a sizeable advantage early, but the players from Kent Hill School answered in the second half. “This was the first time we faced real adversity,” said junior Captain quarterback Sam Capodice, “but we came together as a team and built each other up.”

Junior lineman Stacy Beasley also said that despite penalties, the team didn’t get down on each other. “We came together as one big family and were able to get the win,” Beasley said. Touchdowns were scored in this game by sophomore Nate Capodice, sophomore Jeffrey Davis, senior Kyren Pettaway, and sophomore Justin Edwards scored two.

On Saturday, Oct. 6 the Wyverns traveled to Maine to face off with Hebron Academy where the team was able to shut out the opponent and win 47-0. The Wyverns were clearly the strongest team in this matchup, in fact, in this game the JV players even got a chance to play. After the first quarter Head Coach Jason Martinez pulled most of his starters, but that didn’t stop the Wyverns from putting up points and playing great defense. “It shows how strong our program is,” said S. Capodice, “we’re going to be a strong team in the future.” Junior captain Winston Ware, junior Jaden Lovelace, and senior Coltrane Joseph all scored touchdowns and Davis was able to find the back of the endzone twice.

On Saturday, Oct. 13 the Wyverns hosted the talented Berkshire Academy team which was ranked number five in New England. This team was the defending class B champions, and hadn’t lost a game in two years, that is until they faced KO. The Wyverns were able to hand Berkshire Academy a 28-6 loss, as the team protected their home turf on Hewett Day. Coach Martinez realized that this probably wasn’t a game the Wyverns were supposed to win on paper, but through the team’s effort and mentality they were able to pull off the win. “It was a total team effort,” Coach Martinez said, “and ultimately that helped us get the win.”

This game against Berkshire served as a statement game, according to Beasley. “We’re nobody to mess with and the Berkshire game proved that,” Beasley said. The win against Berkshire was a total team performance, as both sides of the ball came to play. Pettaway and Ware were able to find the endzone and Edwards rushed for two touchdowns.

On Saturday, Oct. 20 the wyverns traveled to Dexter Southfield School where they were unable to come out with a victory, losing 35-21. The wyverns played tough the entire game, but Dexter Southfield School was able to pull it out in the end.

Even though the Wyverns have found a lot of success this season, they are not going to get too cocky and are continuing to work hard in practice each and every day. “This team is very business like,” said to Coach Martinez. He notes how much of his team’s success has come from his players’ determination to improve as he is constantly seeing his players after practice hitting the weight room or running sprints.

Additionally, this year’s team has developed a culture that extends off of the field. According to Pettaway this team is closely knit, which makes them a difficult team to beat as when one person has a bad day, someone else is there to encourage that player and pick up their slack. All in all, this year’s football team has made an environment that everyone enjoys being apart of. “I really enjoy coming to work everyday with these kids as they love each other and work hard for each other,” Coach Martinez said.

The Wyverns have found success this season in strong part because of their amazing offense line, as they had yet to allow a sack through the first six weeks, and because of the work ethic of the players, along with another million little things. But the task of this season is not done yet, as even though this team is undefeated so far this season, they know that every week possess a new obstacle to overcome and another team to put in their place. This team isn’t done winning yet, as they are looking to continue their undefeated streak this year, and more importantly win a ring and bring the championship back to KO where it belongs.