Freshman Class Enjoys a Fall Feast


On Oct. 15, the freshmen class met in the library during their advisee period for a form-wide brunch. The event was put together and planned by Form 3 Dean David Baker, Upper School Librarian Nancy Solomon, and Language Teacher Jonathan Briggs.

The brunch was a large event that was planned two months in advance, and a lot of work went into putting it together and making it enjoyable for all. This was not the first form brunch in the library that KO has seen. Last year, the sophomore class had a form brunch as well. “Last year it was so much fun,” Mrs. Solomon said, “and we already had the decorations, [so] we just had to change the theme.” Ms. Solomon kept all the decorations from last year in anticipation of doing something of that nature again.

Last year the theme of the brunch was Halloween, but this year the theme was changed to “festifall” celebrating the new season. The reason behind the theme change was that everybody celebrates fall, but not everybody celebrates Halloween, making it more inclusive. Fall is something that everyone experiences.

The big buzz around the brunch was its food. Dr. Briggs cooked and baked the majority of the food and brought it to the event. He made different fall treats with recipes from all around the world. He made goods such as pumpkin bread, apple muffins, and pie, all from scratch. Making all this food took him many, many hours.

Head Chef Brian Woerlen also helped out with the food for the event. He and the kitchen staff made waffles, pancakes, sausages, and also brought hot chocolate. All that food accompanied with a large bowl of candy made for a large and very diverse brunch buffet.

There was so much food at the event, that there were plenty of leftovers left in the library all day for students of any form to come in and enjoy. Students of all forms came in and out the library throughout the day snacking on the leftovers of the buffet.

Along with the abundance of food, which was shared by the Form 3 class, their prefects, and their advisors, Dean of Students William Gilyard, and Head of School Tom Dillow also came to spend the morning with the freshmen.

Last year one of the main focuses for this event was so the new sophomores of KO could get to meet new people, so during the event, random seating was given so people had to talk to people they never usually interacted with.

This year that was not really a goal of the brunch. There was no random seating; Instead, the brunch was just a celebration and a fun event for the freshmen class to enjoy. The freshmen had orientation at the beginning of the year, so everyone knew everyone for the most part.

“It was a good way to start the week off,” said freshman Sam Krugman, “and the food was delicious.” The freshmen class seemed to have enjoyed the brunch. Many of which commenting on how the food was so good.

Freshmen were able to hang out and eat and had the library all to themselves, as it was closed all morning in preparation of the event. The form deans, everyone who set up the event, and the freshmen were all happy with the way the event turned out. This was probably not the last brunch the KO library will see.