Homecoming Review


This year’s annual Homecoming dance was nothing short of another success. Following the Hewett Day games and festivities, the dance took place that night from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. in the cafeteria. Usually, the cafeteria seems extremely crowded when a dance is taking place, but this year the room felt bigger and less enclosed. That may be because I’m five foot and extremely small, but compared to last year there was a noticeable difference in how many times I was bumped into because of the lack of space. What didn’t change was the amount of bruises I got on my feet from being stepped on by high heels.

Another major improvement of this year’s dance was the decorations. To be completely honest, I don’t remember last year’s decorations all that well, but that’s the point. They weren’t very memorable. This year the theme was DisKO, which actually got me more excited to go. I went into the dance expecting silver decorations and disco balls and lots and lots of shiny things; I’m happy to say I was not as disappointed as I thought I was going to be. The ceiling had mini disco balls hanging from it, the support poles had silver string curtains hanging down them, and there were silver pom-pom-like strings scattered around the floor. Not to mention the huge silver curtain backdrop in the lobby in between the library and the cafeteria. But honestly, it still wasn’t anything special. One thing I was very disappointed about was the fact that there was absolutely no disco music played. A couple people had said that it was because no one would dance to it, but if I know anything about the people at KO, it’s that they can and will dance to anything.

Said dancing was on full display on Saturday to songs such as “679,” “Fefe,” and even “Party In The USA.” The DJ knew just when to change songs and which songs to transition into. He did occasionally play a song that some of my friends deemed as “not very hype,” which I’d have to agree with. However, the majority of the music was easy to dance to and, as my friends would also say, “very hype.”

I typically don’t really enjoy the high school dances at KO because of how awkward they tend to be, but I actually found myself enjoying it. It reminded me a little of the dances we used to have in middle school in the sense that there wasn’t a large sum of people awkwardly standing off to side. In middle school no one cared about embarrassing themselves at the dances. At this dance, there were enough people bouncing off of each other that it was clear that people were having a good enough time to not be sitting down.

Overall, this year’s Homecoming dance was definitely one for the books. With the good music, above average decorations, and a good vibe, this dance is going to be hard to top next year.