‘Simplynell’: Simply an Introduction


KO students are constantly bringing new clubs, activities, and aspects to our community, and senior Nell Schwartz is no different. Recently, Nell has embarked on the journey of creating a fashion blog outside of school, representing her love and creativity for fashion and feminism.

She was first inspired by her Instagram account, and the love that she had for posting pictures of herself in unique outfits. Following her posts, many people would ask her where she bought certain items, and compliment her on the overall look.

From here on out, she realized she wanted to take her love for fashion a step farther. Due to her experience of writing for the school paper and all the creative ideas she had, it was a perfect opportunity to make something great.

“I’ve always loved fashion, style, and makeup, but I really wanted to do more and reach a wider range of people,” Nell said. “I realized that my drive to talk to girls about my personal style and my journey with fashion and beauty stemmed from my natural passion for feminism and empowering others. I didn’t just want to be another fashion blogger talking about my favorite looks and whatnot. I desired to show not just girls but anyone who cared to read that there is a connection between fashion and feminism and I wanted to specifically highlight that.”

The process of creating a blog started about a year ago, but she was nervous about people’s reactions and thoughts on her work and writing. Yet with courage and determination, she strived to tell people about her favorite looks, clothes, and beauty products.

Once the summer of 2018 hit, she got to serious about the blog. After many hours of hard work on the website, she found the perfect layout and design that she wanted and decided on the name of the blog: “Simplynell.” “The name of the blog reflects who I am and that the ideas I write about are simply who I am and what I am passionate about” Nell said.

While she was hesitant to tell others at first in fear that her blog wouldn’t be received well, she finally launched the blog in October of 2018. Nell has received extremely positive feedback from so many of her peers with support and love for all the tips she gives. With the combination of feminism and fashion she has inspired many people to be brave and talk about the things they love.

“If people feel empowered when they are reading and inspired to maybe go outside of their comfort zone with clothes, makeup, and just truly be who they are, then I consider myself successful.”

She hopes for the site to continue to be a creative outlet to inspire herself and others constantly.

In addition, she hopes that it keeps on growing and becomes a flourishing site. With a lot of content and articles for each section, she feels proud to have a website and project of her own that shows the dedication and hard work she poured into “Simplynell.”

Nell also states that her experience writing for the KO News and learning how to write is what started her love for articles and journalism.

This love for writing made her want to turn it into more than just a hobby.
She hopes to continue writing and expressing her ideas through KO News articles and her own blog posts.

Overall, balancing homework, and the start up of a new blog is certainly not an easy task, but with determination and passion Nell has made it work seamlessly.
We wish Nell a huge congrats and share in her excitement as she moves ahead as a journalist and blogger.

Visit Nell’s site at simplynell.blog.