Social hierarchy is real


Whether or not you believe social hierarchy exists or not, it does.

Specifically, it can even be seen at KO in the way that students interact with each other, and the way we view ourselves, and others as well. When I say the hierarchy exists, what I actually mean is that as a society we have been brainwashed to the point of thinking it does, that eventually it has actually become real. It became real through the way that people interact with others and the way that they view themselves and other people.  

Just as it seems to be in the book, we are a part of a world that makes snap judgements when they see others. Oftentimes, a part of this analysis of a person is “How can I compare them to myself?” Some of this snap judgement may include us coming to a conclusion, whether this person is more attractive, more confident, or higher up in the “social hierarchy.” Comparing ourselves to others is in no way a good thing and I actually think that the whole concept of having a social hierarchy (especially in school) is just stupid.In reality, we are all the same.

We all go to the same school, and although we are also very unique from each other, none of us are “above” anyone else in any way. We have some crazy idea that simply because of where we hang out, who we hang out with, what sports (or lack thereof) we play, or even what classes we are in, that we can automatically put ourselves above or below another person on this social hierarchy that society has inflicted upon itself.

In fact, people who thrive off of being on top of this delusional pyramid are going to be quite upset to find that what puts you on top of this hierarchy in high school really doesn’t matter later on. The real world is indifferent. We should stop focusing on comparing ourselves to others and worrying about where we fall in the hierarchy.  

We should start just viewing each other as equals because, although it sounds cheesy, we literally are and all deserve to be treated so. And to those of you who don’t believe in a social hierarchy or maybe don’t even think it exists: congrats, you are ahead of your time.

I hope that more people would start thinking like that, because if we didn’t perpetuate the myth of social hierarchy, maybe it wouldn’t exist.