‘Big Mouth’ is a big hit


The people at KO are all talking about the Netflix Show “Big Mouth.” With voice actors such as John Mulaney and Nick Kroll, the show is a big hit. It follows the story of kids attending Bridgeton Middle School, specifically Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman and their journey through puberty, middle school, and overcoming their insecurities.

In season one, we get our first glimpse into the life of the characters. Nick Birch is a short, skinny, and awkward kid. On the other hand, his best friend Andrew Glouberman is a tall, chubby, and lovable person.

In the first episode we are introduced to Morty, Andrew’s hormone monster, who helps him through puberty and making decisions. He’s a physical manifestation of Andrew’s subconscious. Nick has yet to get his hormone monster, but later in the season we are introduced to Gavin who is an old, run down man, who has lost his mind and isn’t the best at helping him make decisions. This becomes a running gag in the show. In addition to Andrew and Nick, we get to know their friends, Jessi and Jay. Together we learn about them as they become closer and closer as season one progresses. Season one only addresses problems facing the friend group. Some of these include bullying, peer pressure, and trying to fit in. These messages are well intertwined into the fun, silly, and fast paced episodes.

Season one mainly focuses on problems the boys of the group are facing. Only two episodes in the season focus on problems facing the girls in the middle school. This changes in with the recent release of season two where we are introduced to more characters and an increase in the recurrences of the supporting or background characters. This allows for the writers to diversify and focus on the different problems.

A new main character we are introduced to is Gina, voiced by Gina Rodriguez. She becomes a focal point in season two and a love interest for Nick. With the introduction of Gina, the writers take a drastic turn and for the first time we see episodes centered around characters that aren’t in the original group, such as Gina or the recurring character Missy. Missy is a fun loving, smart, and innocent character who the writers expand on. In the first season, she is just a background character, but the writer’s choice to expand on her was the right decision. Her innocence to the dirty and raunchy comedy that the show uses in every episode gives a different perspective to a situation, ultimately making them funnier.  

Overall, this expansion of the character universe is similar to “The Simpsons” or “Family Guy.” With all the widely different characters introduced and expanded on in season two, it keeps the show fresh and entertaining.

You never know what’s going to happen, and this keeps me coming back to watch more. This show has a lot to offer. Season two really proves the show’s potential to expand on it’s vast characters and interesting situations pervading the characters every episode.

I was impressed by how season two continued to build on season one. With dirty jokes and hard hitting one liners, this show is not for the average person. It can get uncomfortable at times with the raunchy situations and colorful language. This show is for people who like dirty humor and sexual innuendos.

Overall, I was impressed by “Big Mouth” and I look forward to season three.