Bob Ross: Painter, Entertainer, Squirrel Caretaker


After a long hard day at school all you want to do when you get home is relax and unwind. What better way to do so than kicking your feet up, opening up Netflix, and enjoying some time watching Bob Ross.

Bob Ross is many things: a painter, an entertainer, an amazing squirrel caretaker, a man with a voice of angels, and of course, an American hero. One of his Netflix exclusives, entitled “Beauty is Everywhere,” features 26 half-hour long episodes that showcase Ross painting different landscapes. In each episode Ross gives directions to the viewers so they can paint along with him.

The first episode shows Ross painting a cliffside and a sunset, which I attempted to somewhat recreate. Throughout the 27 minutes of the episode, Ross takes the viewers through his techniques, color choices, brush selection and other details of how to paint that particular piece. At six minutes in, Ross shows the camera his adopted squirrels. This is, without a doubt, the best part of the episode.

Ross frequently adopts baby squirrels, takes them in and cares for them, and then eventually sets them free. These particular squirrels are just beginning to grow their fur, and Ross had had them since they could just barely open their eyes. He shows the viewers the process he goes through to feed them, which includes drawing milk up into a syringe and releasing it into their mouths. The sight of this is enough to make anyone with a heart pledge their undying love for Bob Ross at that very moment.

Another reason to love Bob Ross is the fact that his voice could soothe anyone into a coma. That man has the most calming voice I think I have ever heard. I am strongly considering listening to it the next time I can’t fall asleep. As he takes the viewers through the process of painting, his voice keeps the mood light and the viewers calm, which is extremely relaxing. As someone who knows quite a bit about painting and the techniques different projects require, it surprised me when I found myself learning a lot from Ross.

I followed along with the first episode and repeatedly found myself trying new brushes, color combinations and techniques to create the cliffside sunset. Ross uses a sponge and a brush with old bristles to create the illusion of translucent clouds floating over the setting sun. This technique is extremely effective because the sponge allows for less paint to be used, therefore making the clouds less opaque and more realistic.

I recently had the displeasure to find out that Bob Ross had passed away without my knowledge. The main reason I was unaware was because it was eight years before I was born. This American hero died on July 4, 1995.