Form 5 Brunch


On Thursday, Oct. 25, the juniors enjoyed a form brunch which was held at 8:30 a.m., before school. In the past, they had been during advisee periods and in the library compared to the cafeteria, where this brunch was held.

The goal of the brunch was to be a fun event that students would attend. Form Five Dean David Hild planned the event with the help of some of the parents of students in Form Five.

“We try to have events that are fun and throughout the year,” Mr. Hild said.

“When we try to do things like laser tag and other events after school, most juniors and seniors won’t be interested and won’t end up coming,” Mr. Hild said. “So we do more events like the brunch, or like when we had the Craft Bird fried chicken food truck come to school.”

The brunch was held on a late-start Thursday. This meant that students could still sleep in and attend the brunch. The brunch also featured a variety of breakfast foods.

Some form parents volunteered to bring a variety of items. There was orange juice, hot chocolate, and apple cider. There was also a variety of baked items, ranging from bagels and muffins to donuts and other pastries.

Mr. Hild chose to do a brunch for the Form Five event because of the parents.

“The parents wanted to do something for the kids,” Mr. Hild said. “Usually we do a event in the fall and then one in the spring.”

The Form Five event proved to be a success in the eyes of the students who attended. “I enjoyed it and had fun,” junior Ethan Pinkes said. “The food was good. I liked that there was a school function that wasn’t after school but in the morning. But I wish they had fruit. The food was good, but it was all sweets.”

There were a number of other students who felt similarly. “I thought it was worthwhile,” junior Marwynn Somridhivej said.

Junior Juliana Kulak agreed that the brunch was a good time. “I thought it was sweet that the parents did that for us,” she said.

Junior Bella Leuschner also enjoyed the event. “I got there with about fifteen minutes left, and I only had a bagel, but it was good,” she said.

Even the students that didn’t attend thought well of the event.

“Even though I didn’t go to the brunch, I heard a lot of good things,” junior Nick Traver said. “So, if there is another brunch, I would definitely go to it and am looking forward to it.”

It is a good thing that the brunch was well received, because Form Five will be having a similar event on Valentines Day.

“We will actually be doing one on Valentine’s Day this year,” Mr. Hild said. “It will be a combined Form Five event with food, and also the day that the junior prom invitations will be handed out.”