Girls Soccer Player of the Month


Junior defensive midfielder Jamie Scarpantonio is the Girls Player of the Moment because of her hard work on the field and the way she carries herself off of it.

In a very hard fought game against the Taft School, Scarpantonio had played well all game, from making good defensive plays, to advancing the ball when she could, but she couldn’t get anything going until late in the game. With 1:30 left on the clock Scarpantonio scored a penalty kick bringing the score to 2-1, which ended up being the final score of the final game of the season.

Senior captain defender Nicole Genga said that Scarpantonion is as tough as they come. “Jamie never gives up ever. She gets knocked out like every other second and she still gets up and keeps going,” Genga said.

Genga added that with Scarpantonio’s great knowledge of the game she is able to help her team in practice and games. “She’s a leader in her own way. She’s not incredibly vocal but when she does say things they are helpful and important.”

Genga also said Scarpantonio is just so fun to play on the pitch with and she is going to miss playing by her side next year.

Senior Captain goalie Charlotte Cyr also said that she loves having  Scarpantonio as a teammate. “She was such a fun player to watch on the field, she was always smart with her runs, with her positioning and she had such great shots and passes to other teammates.”

Cyr said that Scarpantonio always plays tough  and fair. “She is such a good teammate because she is humble, she gives other players a chance to take shots and she is such a great person” said Cyr.

Senior Captain center defender Camilla Berckemeyer said that Scarpantonio is such a good player because she forces everyone around her to be better and she is also very unselfish with the ball. “She is a good teammate because she always has this supportive and positive attitude that is so fun to be around and especially to play with.”

Scarpantonio recently committed to Wesleyan University where she will continue to play soccer at an even more competitive level. Scarpantonio impressively committed as a junior so she still has another season left to play in her high school career.