JV Players of the Month


JV Volleyball:

The player of the moment for JV volleyball is freshman Libero Alexis Vail. Head Coach Anastasia Quinn said that Vail really stepped up to help the team. “We were down a couple of players becauses of illnesses and she stepped up and put a libero jersey on,” Coach Quinn said.

She has taken a more critical role on the team by now playing in the back row all the time as a libero which is a defensive specialist in volleyball. Coach Quinn said that she has shined in this new and unfamiliar position.

Vail is a truly remarkable player with her extremely hard work ethic as she has improved tremendously throughout the season. “She comes to practice everyday with a smile on her face,” Coach Quinn said. “She has a great attitude.”

Coach Quinn said that Vail worked on her serve throughout the season and by the end of the season was serving more consistently and getting aces. Furthermore, Vail balanced volleyball with softball; she plays outside of school on a very competitive team. Vail is a truly remarkable force to be reckoned with on the court.

JV Football:

The player of the moment for JV football is junior Jaden Lovelace. Head Coach Jack Murphy said that Jaden has taken a big leadership role this season and has been a major contributor to the team.

Lovelace is a true asset to the team with his great skill. “He sets the tone every week with his physical and timely playmaking but really set himself apart in the past two games, where he caught three hugely important touchdowns to help lead us to wins,” Coach Murphy said.

Lovelace came in clutch in the team’s final game against Brunswick School on Nov. 7 when he caught the go-ahead touchdown early in the fourth quarter. Then he scored a breathtakingly impressive game winning touchdown with only five seconds to spare in the game.

Lovelace is a force on the field, and it will be exciting to watch him next season. “The coaching staff has been very proud of Jaden’s progression and look forward to seeing how far he can go,” Coach Murphy said.

JV Girls Soccer:

The player of the moment for JV girls soccer is freshman striker Natalia Correa. Correa is vital to this team’s success and has contributed to the team tremendously. Head Coach Tim Allerton said that Correa is a consistent scorer.

She scored the only goal of the game from both teams on Oct. 24, helping the team maintain their undefeated record. She also scored two game-changing goals on Oct. 17 against Choate Rosemary Hall, leading the team to victory with a final score of 3-1.

Coach Allerton said that she has greatly improved throughout the season and learned how to play striker effectively. “She was not naturally a striker before,” Coach Allerton said. “I had to work with her on breakaways and other skills.”

Natalia was not only a major asset to the team due to her skills but also because she was always making the team laugh, even when the game was not going well.

JV Field Hockey:

The player of the moment for JV field hockey is freshman goalie Caroline Boardman. Boardman stepped up for the team this season as she went out of her comfort zone by going in goal. This was a whole new position for her that was vital for the squad to even compete.

Head Coach David Herrera said that Boardman is versatile and has done well in this position. Prior to playing goalie, Boardman moved between the defensive and midfield line.

Coach Herrera said that it is clear Boardman cares about the team and always puts her best foot forward. “She works hard and plays with respect for her teammates, opposing players and the game,” Coach Herrera said. “She has fire in her heart.”

Boardman is a special player and crucial to the team. Boardman truly enjoys the game as she always runs off the field with a big smile on her face.

JV Boys Soccer:

The player of the moment for JV boys soccer is freshman Grant Pennoyer. He is very unselfish and puts the team in front of himself.

He is always seen carrying gear and filling the water for the team. He never complains and does whatever the coach tells him. Head Coach John Hissick said that Pennoyer supports his team, as shown by his selfless acts. “He is always looking for ways to support his team both on an off the field,” Coach Hissick said.

Coach Hissick also said that Pennoyer is willing to play anywhere on the field where he can contribute. He is constantly looking for ways to help the team. He is a model athlete and embodies the value of sportsmanship. Pennoyer has impacted the team greatly by his contributions on and off the field.